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Plans for a Frugal Week

March 12th, 2007 at 04:30 pm

First, I will start with the scariest hour of my life.

Yesterday afternoon, we were enjoying a peaceful afternoon when the phone rang. It was DD2 (who is vacationing in California with DD3 and family). She was FRANTIC...they had LOST MY GRANDSON- age 2 1/2 at Laguna Beach. He'd been missing for about 20 minutes when she called. The police hadnt arrived yet...and GS was nowhere in sight. Do you know how long 30 minutes is when life does a total flipflop like that?? It took another 30 minutes before they found him. Luckily, a family saw GS and brought him to the police (GS had wandered almost a half mile away...down the beach)...Thank GOD this had a happy ending.

I made pasta fagioli soup last night, which provides lunch for most of this week. I am going to use up the meat in the freezer for other meals this week. I am going to see how cheaply I can feed us for.

Since the girls are on vacation, I am running the business---and talk about timing...The weather is great and our first newpaper advertisement just came I anticipate this being a busy week for the that off with puppies coming (today, I believe) and I am going to be one busy girl!!!

My only thought today is thank God my grandson is safe and with his mom...I never lost a child...and it is the scariest feeling Ive ever he is at the "Happiest Place on Earth"...visiting with Mickey Mouse....

3 Responses to “Plans for a Frugal Week”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    boy, ray, i can't even imagine! glad to hear it all worked out! how old is the GS? old enough to remember what it felt like to be lost? from what i remember as a kid, that feeling is enough to keep you close to mom!

  2. JanH Says:

    That's the scariest feeling in the world! Along with watching a DD pull away from her father and run in front of a car in the parking lot.....People thought I was evil when I bought a harness and leash thingy for our DS. He LOVED it. He could range away from us, but could was attached by the hook in the back that he couldn't reach. We got mean looks and comments about it. Didn't use it for DD as much and nearly got her run over in the parking lot. So very, very glad they found your little one! That is the most heart stopping, gut wrenching feeling! Every minute feels like it's a day long. Your world just stops turning until they are safe. I, too, am thanking God your little guy is okay and back with his family.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    I used to think those harnesses were evil before I had a son. Rose never gave me that kind of grief, but Tobias was running everywhere all the time. Never did buy a harness, we borrowed a friend's once and he had it figured out in no time flat and was out of it. We did okay though because Rose could run faster than him and catch him and sit on him and hold him down until we caught up. Oh, those days... I'm glad they are behind me, but I still won't take T to the mountains...DH says T is going to be very lucky if his headstone doesn't read "Yeah, but I just want to...", his response to stop, wait, don't move, etc.

    I am so glad the child was found safe. They do give us the best and the worst moments of our lives, I think.

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