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April 21st, 2007 at 02:47 pm

I am sick guys! Frown Sore throat, stuffy head, blah.

My new job is going great. I attended my first board meeting and was able to take minutes just fine. Id been worried because I am not used to typing on a laptop...but the worry was for naught...thank goodness.

I stuck to my lunch budget all week and spent only $5.25 for one lunch out(Friday, I was already coming down with this cold and didnt feel like making lunch). I even received a free dinner at the board meeting last week.

I received the nicest compliment from one of the VPs...he said the whole atmosphere in the administration department has changed since I started...and that there is much more laughter and friendliness. I guess before, it had been pretty quiet and serious....words that don't fit in my vocabulary too well. lol.

I did learn that when you need to move your laptop- you don't have to unplug anything (let alone EVERYTHING) Unfortunately, I learned this as I unplugged the last cord and my boss walked up and snickered and showed me where to push to 'undock'....uh, can you spell *DUH*???

I am having a wonderful time. I get my first paycheck next Friday and the extra money will be nice.

DH appreciates that I am back to work. He has been working days for the last few weeks and usually has dinner started or made before I get home. Big Grin

DD3...well, she is being a typical 15 yo and is bumping into her boudaries pretty hard to see if she can stretch them out...unfortunately, she is making some not so good choices and so many priviledges are being re-earned right now. Alot of this behavior started in January just after DH pulled his...stupidity---so i don't think it is as much about my going back to work. This is the one downside to my working, however. But we're working through it.

Well, I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!

4 Responses to “Saturday!”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    You too! I bet you are excited about that first pay check!

  2. JanH Says:

    It's so great to enjoy what you are doing and the place you are doing it! I am so very glad your new job has been that place for you! Feel better soon!

  3. robex Says:

    Hey, Ray, go get some rest and take care of that cold! I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying your job.

    ...and I remember being 15. Man, I was a nasty little thing. I still apologize to my mom for the way I was. Actually, I'm surprised that she let me live to be 16!

  4. homebody Says:

    You may get sick for a while more often, being around more people. Wash your hands a lot!

    Age 14-15 were probably the worst with my middle daughter. I was probably at my worst then too, and for sure doing things I should not have been. But you will all survive! My daughters are 27, 26 and 19 now and I am very close to all of them. MD and I actually laugh now about how it was between us and we are the most alike.

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