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New Budget....

May 12th, 2007 at 02:36 pm

First, there's the fantasy... (wow, all that money, I will save all of it for the first year...yada, yada...)

And then there's the reality...
I worked on a new budget last night to include my check...and with the added expenses of going back to work- (ie gas, clothes, a meal out once or twice a month...Not to mention the car payment) (no, I do not have buyers remorse..still LOVE the car...just talking realistically)...there just isnt this big huge amount left over.

Things will be MUCH improved once DH's wood business pays off those initial loans. Of course I accelerated those payments with part of my check.

And I am socking away 15% of my pay into my 401k...(Including the employer match, I already have $739 guys!!!...and have earned $3.79 in dividends!)

I will continue to tweak the numbers today until there is substantially more ending up in savings each month.

I'll continue to monitor the cash flow...but right now, the expenses win...ugh.

I still LOVE my job. I am having a blast and getting lots done. My desk is in the middle of the administration area. Out in the I am in the hub of activity. I am enjoying the responsibilities...and have even learned that Im not as unorganized as I thought...Because organization is now a primary focus, I am actually able to organize quite nicely (if I do say so myself)

And I keep a bowl of redhots out on the counter...employees and visitors alike know the bowl is there...and it is an active little bowl...I fill it up and a couple days later it is empty...I probably spend $1.50 each week...and enjoy knowing that everyone gets a little tasty treat each time they pass by!!

GD is coming Im gonna get the wagon cleaned out for a nice little stroll this afternoon. Weekends are very important when you work!

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  1. Ima saver Says:

    Wow, $739, doing great!!

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