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June 9th, 2007 at 02:16 am

Thank Goodness it's Freakin' Friday!

Papa is home..
Nana is home...
DD2 is all better...
and I survived!!!

For tonight, it's all good...


Oh guys, I am a financial failure lately. This morning, Im standing in my kitchen thinking..."It must be close to the end of the month, I need to get the money into the account for my home loan to process..."...that's end of month = May.

What the heck happened to the end of MAY??? SH(*T

So...I hurry into town, pick up nana from the hospital...the hospital has lost her clothes...she is frantic...and they take out the IV and she bleeds all over the clothes I brought her...nothing we can do, but take her all blood stained to dialysis...

Get her to dialysis...she is weak, sick to her tummy and her BP is through the roof...I rush off to work, call papa en-route...he sounds so weak, but is so excited to be coming home...I will pick him up at noon...then nana, then, get meds, lunch , and head home and figure out how to get them up those 4 stairs on their porch...but that's in 3 hours...

for now, I have this home loan to deal with...

Get to the bank, walk up to the teller...and lose it. We're talking major melt down in a public place. gads.

Get tissue, wipe eyes and manage to conjure up..."is my loan payment LATE".

Her to my ears...NO, you have a 15 day grace and you're well "OK sniff, Id sniff like to sniff pay it sniff now"...


Ok, tonight is all about unwinding (GS is spending the night a little gramma time too), but tomorrow, is all about budget and bills...and a few loads of laundry...after, of course, I bathe, dress and feed my parents- who I am so lucky to still have!!!

Hugs to all of you for your kind thoughts. You are truly a blessing in this tired, stressed life of mine!!!

6 Responses to “TGIFF”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    Oh Ray.... I'm glad to hear your parents are both OK, but I hate that you had such a stressful day today... Try to take some time to relax and unwind this weekend.

  2. littlegopher Says:

    You are dealing with so much, and life just never slows down. I'm glad everyone is home, safe and sound. Best wishes to you, Ray!

  3. koppur Says:

    I'm so glad everyone is coming home and you are doing better. *hugs* and blesings!

  4. Ima saver Says:

    Bless your heart, big hugs to you Ray!! I wish I had a daughter like you.

  5. homebody Says:

    All it takes some days is for somebody to be nice to you! I've had it happen too. Hang in there.

  6. boomeyers Says:

    Glad Friday worked out okay! Poor Nana. Could step on that hospitals toes - darnit!

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