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Financial Goals for June

June 14th, 2007 at 02:51 am

I have a few financial goals for June that I need to make sure I take care of...

1. Mail in phone rebate (2) for the new cell phones = $60 Due by EOM

2. Call my mortgage company and PLEAD my case as to why I should get my $25 returned payment fee back...

3. Mail in rebate for the campsite fee that Good Sam has mailed me a coupon for..$25

4. Cancel my 2 week trial membership with Blockbuster on June 24th.

5.Keep tabs on H's credit card so he doesn't incur another 'over-limit fee'...gads...$35 a pop!!!

all of this adds up to a substantial amount of extra cash. it would be ridiculous to let these slip by me!!

We DID have Anna's surgery there will be no more puppies here. I think this is a really good thing, considering we had an unplanned litter this year and I am now back to work.

and those are my June financial goals.

Family Update....

Nana is anemic, thus tired, but recovering nicely from surgery last week.Her new fistula is healing and will be ready to use within the next 3 months.

Papa is slowly sliding down-hill again. His legs and ankles- swelling, his breathing beginning to labor again....I have asked him to choose a nice Father's Day meal...and he has requested dinner at one of those Japanese, chop em, cook em in front of you joints (a favorite)...I sincerely believe this is my last fathers day with my we will make it special...I just hoep he is well enough to go....if not, I will be making him something special at home....hope for the best, prepare for the worst....of course, plan A is all I want at this point... Smile

Today was DD3s last day as a Freshman...
Smile Frown Wink

3 Responses to “Financial Goals for June”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Gads! Thanks for the reminder, my DD1 will be a Freshman in two short months!!!! Can we stick big Thesurasus' (sp?) on their heads? Will that help?
    That is nice that Papa wants to go out to eat! I will pray for a nice weekend for you!
    My poor mom is trying to keep my dad going, thank goodness her health is still relatively good. It is like bailing a ship with a million holes sometimes!!
    Good luck with your June financial goals!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Hope you have a nice father's day dinner.

  3. fern Says:

    I hope your father's day with dad is really wonderful.

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