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Am I too old for the gym?

June 22nd, 2007 at 03:51 am

Ok, here is my story....

I have decided that I need a past-time. The husband works nights, the teen is busy doing teen stuff...and I am spending way too much time home alone in the evenings.

So, I have a couple of ideas.
1. Take a class. I think I might like to take a class...I know I could use a written grammar brush-up with this position Im in...I just have to go through some sort of college test and enroll and then pay some money to take the class...

2. A part time, no. at least I think no....maybe?

3. Join a gym. The gym would get me moving...and maybe help me continue on my size 12 journey...which I achieved and then lost within a couple of weeks due to alot of unplanned fast food...more on this later.

However....the gym that is convenient is clearly designed for those size 2-8 under 30, not me.

Any size 2-8 under 30 folks on this site who care to share insight of the middle aged (46) year olds who really need to move more...and whether they are welcome or not in said gym?

Let's just say, I didnt get the warm fuzzies when I stopped by to check it out this afternoon...and left after NO ONE asked if they could help me... to their credit...I guess I should add that I didnt ever see anyone who appeared to be working during the entire two minutes I hung around with the other patrons...did I mention I was a little self-consious?? gym may be out....part-time job is probably out, since I am not sure I want to commit to anyone right now. Classes...well, that is still a maybe.

Family update- my dad is back in the hospital. He spent most of this week in ICU...but is in a regular room today. When he comes home, it will be assisted...not sure what that means.

Ideas on groovy things to do when you are in a semi empty, very lonely nest??

Am I really too old (or fat) for the gym???

13 Responses to “Am I too old for the gym?”

  1. JanH Says:

    I have family members who have used Curves and I have visited a couple of times with them. I liked what I saw. The helpers were really nice and the ladies working out were normal size and larger and all ages. And the workouts are supposed to only be for 30 minutes. My DIL used Curves a lot to get fit for her wedding and she really liked it. I don't think we are too old for a gym--go for it! And I hope that your dad is feeling much better really soon.

  2. baselle Says:

    I'm 45 now, but I was 43 when I started and I was a size 18, now 14. At the gym, I see many women and men much older than I am. What you describe sounds very, very bad, especially the greeting part. If the gym owners really want you to come back, they know that when reception greets you, knows your name, you come back. You need to find a different gym.

    Two things -

    the 5-7pm time slot is the "pickup" time. Gyms really have a different feel depending on the hour. Just off-hand, its quietest at my gym 10-11am, 2-3pm, even 3-4pm is okay. At 4pm the trainers often are gone or going and you get the after-work pickup vibe. And I did go after 5pm and ick!

    a gym buddy can be very helpful.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    I use Curves and I love it. It is a very positive environment and has women of all shapes and sizes. We have one woman who must be close to 350 pounds now (was 400 when she started coming) and she is as welcome and as welcoming as the size 2 25 year old. Plus, it is fun.

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    I don't think there's such a thing as being too "old" for gym.

  5. Ima saver Says:

    I tried a gym for a year. I was not that comfortable and the place was too hot. I tried curves and I really enjoyed it. I think I am going to join again. The only reason I did not rejoin, it closed from 1-3 each day and that was my favorite time to go. Now there is a new owner, so I think I will rejoin.

  6. homebody Says:

    I HATE gyms, that's why we invested in a treadmill. DH LOVES the gym and finds it to be very social. I would probably watch TV and quilt or knit, but that's just me, or work in the yard....

    In the fall I might take a class.

  7. fern Says:

    How about a cooking class that met once or twice a week, perhaps a different cuisine youre' not too familiar with?

    Does your town have any evening book clubs? How about foreign movies at the library?

    Yes, check out Curves.

    Sorry to hear about your dad.

  8. annab Says:

    you're not too old -- the gym just doesn't have friendly customer service. The gym near me has all types, ages and body sizes. But you might try approaching the staff yourself, and then making a decision. Also, don't be intimidated, because then you won't feel comfortable or welcome. You're doing something amazing for your body, and that transcends whatever age range you are.

  9. littlegopher Says:

    Best wishes for your dad, and for you!

    I'm another fan of Curves - kind of social, and a workout to boot.

    Here, through our school district, there's all kind of community education classes - exercise, cooking, art, writing, etc. Do you have something like that?

    Also, as mentioned, book clubs, writing groups, knitting/crafting/quilting/etc clubs, cooking clubs - maybe they exist somewhere near you, or if you're compelled, you may want to start up a group. At one time, I started up a quilters group - used free space at the library and sent a free announcement that was printed in our local paper. I know others who started a sewing club and a writers circle this way too. (I know they may sound a bit stodgy, but they weren't - just a fun way to get to do what you keep meaning to and a great way to meet some new friends. The writers circle I was in was far from stodgy - whew, the stories I could tell!)

  10. monkeymama Says:

    I say go for it. What you don't realize is a lot of the people in the gym probably used to be much bigger. As with personal trainers. Most personal trainers lost a lot of weight and got into the business to help others.

    I guess I personally never got the whole "gym is for young/skinny people thing." I'd go if I could fit it in the budget.

    But if you just can't bring yourself to do it I have heard GREAT thing about Curves. On the flip side though everyone raves about it but no one sticks with it - kind of a fad if you ask me. But it might help you get going.

    Good Luck!

  11. monkeymama Says:

    P.S. Did you check the local parks and recs or anything like that? COmmunity College classes? I have never seen hot bods in these classes and they are cheap. Wink

  12. boomeyers Says:

    Most people I know have memberships to the gym and never go!

    But for taking classes, take a PE class! Colleges usually have gyms and classes that teach you how to use the equipment. Maybe you could take an early morning class or an evening class. Once you learn about the machines, then you could decide if you want to join a gym. Since Curves is women only, it is an option, but you aren't in exactly a big town - do you want to travel to it? Is there a YMCA by you instead?

    Is there a bookstore or somewhere interesting to get a part time job? Cause it would have to be a FUN job just for you! Otherwise it would'nt be worth your time.

    Hope Papa pulls out of whatever has him and comes home soon. Assited care is important in keeping him healthy once he gets home.

  13. LdyFaile Says:

    Ditto the Curves recommendations. I go there and I'm among the youngest. I relish the fact that the people who I interact with mostly there are old enough to be my mom/aunt/grandmother/etc. Smile

    Are there any community education classes you can take? The community college here has those and there's a wide variety of things to take.

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