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How are you?

August 9th, 2007 at 01:44 am

I am so sorry it has taken me such a long time to post a friendly hello here.

A quick dad is holding. I am so happy we still have him!! My household has grown...DD1, her DH and my GD have moved 'home' in their 5th wheel (they are saving and paying off debt to buy a home of their own, so they are spending one year in their 5th wheel) They moved out here last week and will be here through the end of the year.

DD2 is finally emplyed. Walmart came through for her and she is pretty excited. I keep thinking of the book Nickle and Dimed...but this is a job...something she didnt have a few days ago. She has managed to hold onto her house with unemployment as her sole income for 7, I am hopeful she will continue to stay afloat.

DS and his DW are under a month away from their firstborn...(girl) we are all in that fun, cant wait mode.

The hub and I are continuing to work on things...some days are easier than others.But overall, Id say we are doing better and better.

I am back to budgeting a little more closely, a nice feeling after such a long hiatus...and spending spree.

I am still loving my job. I have such a FUN time at work...and get paid for it!!
I have made some new frinds and feel like I am part of a community.

The hub and I went to RENO last weekend and had a great mini-vaca. We are going camping on the 18th for a night.. Boy, how different time off and life in general is when you work full time. Smile

I hope to catch up on all of your blogs tonight...I really hope you've all been well.

off to read....hugs to you all

2 Responses to “How are you?”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    We've really missed you around here. Don't be such a stranger, okay?

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Glad to hear everything is going well with the kids! And DH! And your dad! Your job sounds fantastic, I guess it was the right thing at the right time! Enjoy some of the fruits of your labor, you deserve it!

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