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Mad at WAMU

October 13th, 2007 at 06:16 pm

Ok...I have often tooted the WAMU horn, but now Im cranky. Here is the recent story:

Well, to give you the recent story I have to go back a little ways and explain that, long story short, WAMU charged a $6 fee on an accout I thought was closed, bringing the balance to -$6. I did not realize this fee was out there...and the following month they added a $2 late fee....which stayed on that account for about 6 months. One day, I went in to apply for a loan (ironically with WAMU) and they told me my credit showed a SERIOUS DELINQUENCY. WHAT?? So I got a copy of my report and there was the serious delinquency....all $8 of it.

I called WAMU and was told to submit the $8 with a letter asking that the delinquency be removed from my credit report.- Which I immediately did. the recent.

I was making a deposit to the hubs logging account and they said "You are a premium customer and are pre-approved for a credit card for the business." I thought this would be fantastic way for the business to start a credit profile and said OK.

Yesterday, I get two notices from saying, sorry- your credit sucks (yeah, obviously WAMU didnt hold up to their end of the bargain, cause otherwise my credit is excellent)...and the other, a letter telling me that I am a preferred customer, would I like a home equity loan.

WAMU does not know it yet, but they've made me more cranky than they goal now is to close my checking, business checking, home loan and HELOC with them over this irritating $8...I know of a few other places that would like my business.

ARGH. WAMU, you suck.

7 Responses to “Mad at WAMU”

  1. Househopeful Says:

    That is such a shame. Unfortunately big banks look at the big dollar. What they don't realize is losing a good customer over $8.00 will cost them more in the long run just to deal with the closing of all the accounts! I would try giving them a call and asking to speak to a supervisor. Maybe now that the account has been paid they would take another look at it. You could always fax in that letter you received and ask them to honor it.

  2. Stein Says:

    The problem is that we are just a number. When you go in to talk with them, you are speaking with someone who has no marbles in the game and could really care less where you bank. Nobody facing customers has any reason to try to keep your business. They also have no power to do much of anything.

    We bank with WAMU out of convenience and wouldn't be surprised if this happened.

  3. baselle Says:

    Boy I know. Its what happens when you are "just data", and the screen is just a negative number. Doesn't matter how big or little the number is - its negative, so CHOP!

    Its gotten to the stage where I am seriously considering sending crap like this two ways: fax for speed, and certified mail so I get a receipt that someone signed for it.

    I've got just my checking and a little bit of savings in WaMu - they're usually okay if you do the legwork for them. Sigh. Unfortunately, they're all like that.

    Time to sharpen the knives.

  4. (: joy :) Says:

    we had WAMU for years and finally switched to Cascade Bank...they have been so personable and call us by our first names and they aren't quick to charge fee's like WAMU. we don't have any loans with them, so i'm not sure about that part of the banking experience, but i do recommend them as a good bank to deal with.

  5. boomeyers Says:

    Go get 'em girl! Isn't that just so aggervating! I don't blame you a bit! It is not just over $8, it is over lousy customer service. Take your business elsewhere for sure.

  6. jay vaidya Says:

    Dear consumers: I have posted my complaint on web site but I noticed that there are many more legit complaints. Do you wish to go for class action law suite? Please let me know. thanks

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