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HELP...does anyone know about MRSA??

January 3rd, 2008 at 03:51 am

My mom took a bad turn today. Breathing distress so she is on oxygen now...and a fever...They ran tests and said she has contracted MRSA. They have her in quarantine and everyone wears a gown and gloves that enters her room. Does anyone know anything about this???? I have heard about it but do not know much. All information greatly appeciated.Thanks guys.

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  1. mom-sense Says:

    I'm sorry I don't know a lot; when one of my sons was in the ER for a febrile seizure, he tested positive for RSV (Maybe it is related) and we had been in a shared room with two elderly women and they got us out really quick so he wouldn't be a threat to anyone. He had a high temp and was on the nebulizer for awhile. Prayers that your mother will recover soon.

  2. baselle Says:

    I'm sure disneysteve can tell you more, but the initials stand for: methycillin resistant staph aureus. Its a bacteria that's resistant to nearly all antibiotics. Its why everyone in contact with your mother is practicing sterile technique.

  3. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Baselle, Is it really serious? or is it just something that requires extra precaution? I am so at my wits end tonight with everything...

  4. debtfreeme Says:

    First, Your mom is in my prayers for everything she is fighting! Is it Community or hospital based MRSA? Different causes: one from “community” or one from the hospital location itself meaning another patient had contact with something your mom touched or she was exposed to and that other patient carried it or a nurse or other caregiver was exposed and shared it with your mom. There are very distinct strains of the disease so ask which one she has. Ask what the version currently is circulating in the hospital as most if not all hospitals have some version or two of it floating around.
    It can be serious or not. It just depends on the patient and the vigilance of the hospital staff to protect her and others and to make sure that colonies are not spread around onto other patients. It can be spread when there is not vigilance in cleaning a room after another patient has been there. This is common in California. It sounds like the hospital jumped right on it, which is wonderful.
    Here is the link to the CDC page: I provide the link not to scare you but to give you some real fact based information.
    RSV is a lung infection type disease usually found in infants under a year old but can also be found in patients with compromised immune systems which is probably why they moved the child out of the room with the elderly patients. Febrile seizures are caused from excessively high fevers that usually come on very quickly and are a bit scary. All my nieces and nephew suffer from this and all were on anti seizure medication until the age of 6 and could not be around people who were sick and had to be careful not to get sick. They are all fine now.

    I agree that Disney steve could provide more information.

  5. barbara L Says:

    My oldest daughter had this two times on her skin. It wasn't diganosed until after the doctors attempted to remove one of the infections. She is fine now and was never hospitalized. She did have to make several trips to the doctor and use a special wash afterwards. She also took a special antibiotic. I believe her immune system was already in pretty poor shape when she got MSRA. Just previously she had spent some time in the hospital for a kidney infection. She is now taking something to help boost her immune system. From what the doctor told me, it can be present on skin and never cause an issue until you get sick or an open cut or your immune system drops because of an illness and then WHAM, it attacks. My daughter was probably exposed to this while she was in the hospital for her kidney infection. I do hope your mom gets better. I will keep her in my thoughts.

  6. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Thank you debtfreeme and barbra l...I have tried to do some online research tonight..but it is very confusing. I appreciate the information youve provided and will be sure to ask some questions tomorrow. I will blog again when I know a little more. Disneysteve? sounds like you might have some helpful info for me??? anyone else??

  7. denisentexas Says:

    Ray, MRSA is difficult to treat but I'm sure the hospital is doing what they know is best. It's treated with certain medications but sometimes resistance is an issue. Hopefully DisneySteve will chime in and give his thoughts on this. Unfortunately, mine aren't too positive. Are they draining any abcesses that are present?

  8. collegemomma Says:

    I'm sorry to hear about this. It sounds like they are taking the appropriate precautions. I hope she feels better soon. Other than that MRSA is the drug resistant form of staph, I don't know much. I was born with a staph infection in my abdomen and abcesses at 2 weeks old, but this strain didn't exist back then.

  9. boomeyers Says:

    From the research I have done, this is a good old fashioned "staff" or "staph" infection. It is a virus in most people, but can colonize in the elderly or sick. It is unfortunately too common in hospitals and they are treating her with all the sterilization, not for fear of getting it, but from fear it will spread to other patients. Yes, it is something picked up when they did the surgery or from something in the hospital. This website gave pretty straight information:
    Text is and Link is
    I guess a big key factor is how SHE is doing without your dad? Does she have a good will to keep going and get better?
    Keep us posted and I will be praying for you LOTS! {{{{}}}}}}

  10. Thrifty Ray Says:

    My mom is doing good and was released yesterday afternoon. Thank you ALL for the information on MRSA...I looked at all the suggested sites and read up so now we will know what to look for if the MRSA acts up with her. THANK YOU!!!!

  11. prtygrl11 Says:

    dude. the best thing you can do is go to the CDC web site instead of asking everyone else who only has thoughts and theorys. they are like butt holes....everyone has one. ask someone who knows. Like a healthcare provider or how about the doctor.....

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