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Fingers crossed the hubs back is fixed...

February 20th, 2008 at 02:18 am

The hub had his back procedure today. Instead of another surgery, they went in with a needle and moved the nerve and injected something to keep the nerve from being pinched again. We will know within a day or two if it is indeed fixed. Please keep your fingers crossed for him.

We did stop on the way home and lunch at Olive Garden...I love their chicken and gnocchi...yum. It was a definate splurge..both financially and welleness plan wise. But YUM. We spent $30 (incl tip)

I re-booked the house at the resort for my birthday weekend. Not because I necessarily believe in spending alot on my birthday- I do not. But because it was so much fun the last time and I figure by June we will be ready to get away again. Last year, we would have just hopped in the truck and pulled the RV somewhere peaceful...but the kids are living in ours now- since a tree fell on thiers last year. So, a new type of vacationing...and one I am enjoying quite a bit!!

In April, DD1, my mom and I are flying down to So. Cali for a wedding. An expense that has to come out of the vacation fund.

I am also starting to plan the hubs 40th birthday party. I have never threw him a party and so this year we are going all out. My DIL's mom has a great party house..pool table, swimming pool, volleyball court, horseshoes, etc...and so I am renting it from her and we are going to have a luau...complete with a pig in the ground...grass skirts, fruity drinks, tiki torches...

And then, we are renting a LARGE home for New Years as a Christmas gift to the entire family. I felt we should have something besides the one year anniversary of papa's death to anticipate...and I think it is working. Everyone is focusing on taking a big family vacation this year.

Quite a few exenses this year to be sure...but all budgeted and being saved for. (Sometimes I feel like I am out of my league with all of you who have budgeting your vacations down to a science.) But for now, this is working for us. The upside is that we will be cooking all meals at home during the house stays...and I get to stay at a friends for free the week of the wedding.

4 Responses to “Fingers crossed the hubs back is fixed...”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Here's to your hubby getting well and partying ahead. Big Grin

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Hope the procedure on your DH's back does the trick.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed that hubby's back does well. my dh has pinched nerve issues in his neck too. It is so painful.
    The parties sound great!

  4. boomeyers Says:

    Wow! All that travel sounds awesome! Smile Fun!

    If it works for DH, can they do it for you? How has your pinched nerve been?

    Boy, DH is a young un is'nt he? Big Grin

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