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Just call me SASSY!

April 1st, 2008 at 03:18 am

Well, this is blog #600 for me! Have I really had 600 different things to blog about???? Seems incredible. I will dedicate # 600 to Jeffrey and Nate.

Jeffrey and Nate, if you are reading this, I want to THANK YOU- from the bottom of my heart for giving us a site that we can come to and share experiences (good, bad, savings related or not) and know we are among friends. I know that Saving Advice was once just a thought...and you guys took that thought and turned it into a reality...(did you have any idea of the success you would realize with that thought?)

I often wonder if you are proud of your site...if you know all of us like we know each other...if you ever learn something new...of if you are ever truly amazed by an entry...or surprised???

I am sure it is a combination of at least a little of all of the above.

I just want you to know that I am grateful to you for making this site available for all of us to learn, share, challenge, and enjoy. I do not know if you will ever fully know the impact you have had on our lives. Hugs to you both!!!

And now, on with my original post...

....ok you know its a major transition on your head when even the IS guys notice the new "do" Sassy was my new nickname at work today...followed closely by :wow, what happened to your eye!" argh.

Now, can I share a little excitement with you guys???

As part of my job, I arrange hotels, flights, reservations, etc...and I recently purchased CATS tickets to our local theatre for my CEO who wanted to surprise his team with Dinner and a show..I booked dinner this weekend at a great little Japanese restaurant that specializes in Chop/chop show style cooking...

This morning my boss let me know that he included me and a guest in those tickets I bought and dinner reservations I made!!! How cool is that??? One of the many perks I've enjoyed since re-entering the job. So, when I get back from my vacation, I get to go on a spectacular night out!!! I have no idea about CATS except that Ive seen commercials on the East COast channels that we get here.

Several of our senior leaders have been challenged to open ING accounts and to check out the opening process...(huh? they dont have one???) So tonight, I sent them all referrals in the hopes that they will use my link and I will earn some referral money!!!

Tonight we pulled some steaks out of the freezer and the hub bbq-d dinner before I got a cheap, but yummy meal.

If I overlook DD3s teenage (& p'd off)attitude this morning and the major hub blowup from GD once again destroying the house before we got home while mommy was busy in the office, I would consider this a great day!!

Afterall, how many grammas get the title of SASSY after one haircut??? lol

ps...Jeffrey and Nate, please don't sell us to the loan sharks tomorrow... Wink teehee

6 Responses to “Just call me SASSY!”

  1. 76Chick Says:

    Sassy. What a wonderful feeling! Good for you! Big Grin

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Congrats on your 600th sassy entry. Big Grin

  3. Ima saver Says:

    Hi sassy!! I love this site too!!

  4. miclason Says:

    I bet it looks great!
    And just think, you not only get a great night, it's another opportunity to show off the hairdo!


  5. Carolina Bound Says:

    "Cats" is a musical based on a book by T.S. Eliot. It doesn't have much of a plot, but great costumes and music! A big crowd pleaser. Enjoy!

  6. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I saw Cats on Broadway with my mom for my 16th birthday. It was my first Broadway play. I bet you are going to love it! Don't be surprised if some of the cast gets "up close and personal" Smile

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