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Nanas bday, and some tough stuff.

April 18th, 2008 at 05:12 am

Tomorrow is Nana's 71st birthday. I have already made plans to take her to a nice little Italian rest. for Chicken Picatta (our fav). This will be her first bday without my dad since she was 18...boy- I am sure it will be a tough one for her.
I will be doing whatever I can to make this a special day...this weekend is also GS's 4th (on Sunday) and a fun job sponsored night our for the hub and I Sat night...

DD3 (16) had decided she does not like me anymore because I enforce the rules and boudaries...boy, I had almost forgot how much fun the last few years in high school could be...ugh. I suspect DD3 is trying some things that I dont want her is a tough job to raise a teen in these days...much more of a challenge than even 6 years ago when I was trying to get her brother and sis graduated. and I am now much older... (ugh again)

Work...well, I love my job, I am getting a new, really cute, newly built office in the next two months...and I have a great boss. I think considering all things, work is my sanity right now.

5 Responses to “Nanas bday, and some tough stuff.”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    MMmm.... chicken picatta sounds great. I love chicken Marsala too. I wonder if I can make chicken marsala??? I've seen many versions of it, from the different restaurants.

    Teens are tough.... I'm not sure how to handle it when mine gets old enough to give me a hard time. Big Grin

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Have a great dinner out!!

  3. sagegirl Says:

    I, too, worry about the teenage years. My oldest is 10 and she is starting to pick up a little bit of an attitude already--not too bad though and not nearly as bad as some of her friends. I DREAD the teenage years.
    I think it is great that you love your job. What a great feeling to not totally dread going to work everyday. I am (almost) in the same boat--quiet office, great boss--just wish I made more money.

  4. miclason Says:

    Ale rolled her eyes at me a while ago, and I told her she's not supposed to do that until she's 13!

    Happy B-day to Nana and GS!

  5. boomeyers Says:

    I tried to cook chicken picata at home a couple weeks ago. Lets just say, I won't do that again! My mom will be 71 this year too! I am lucky they will be celebrating their 50th. As for DD3, well honey, I live in your world!! Ugh! Especially with the computer knowledge and use for these kids. You can't police them all the time. Impossible. All we can do is teach them our best and hope for the rest! Oh, and pray, pray, pray!! Somebody's always hating me everyday for something or other. That is why I feel so strongly about staying at home to make sure I keep them in line. But if I want them to go to college, I have to make some money. It's a catch 22. Good luck my friend!

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