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For goodness sake...get your name OFF the title mom!

May 3rd, 2008 at 04:28 am

My friend is living a financial nightmare right now.

A few months ago, her son was in a horrible car accident. He was using his vehicle for work...and was transporting two disabled patients for his job. Both cars were totalled and there are some very substantial medical bills..

Long story short, sons job is refusing to pay anything, the sons insurance is pointing to the job and saying they wont cover it...and the son has nothing. (He is the one who I blogged about that just married)

So, the other party is coming after my friend because her name was on the title...Her home, which is very expensive, is paid off...and so there are definite tongues wagging at the prospect of socking it to today she retained a laywer for $2500/215 per hour...and the ticker is now ticking that she is having to toss at an attorney because she did not think about taking her name off the title of the car. Her only crime was procrastination...I sure hope the attorney can sort through this tangled web and come up with a better answer for my friend than anything she has heard so far..

I have double checked all of our kids car records tonight and we are off about you???


3 Responses to “For goodness sake...get your name OFF the title mom!”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    What a nightmare!!

  2. managinglife Says:

    I hope your friend's lawyer can find a resolution to this problem. Our DS #1 paid cash in full for his second hand car and only his name is on the title.

  3. Amber Says:

    Oh my, this sounds like a work comp issue. Was the car insured for commercial use? I would advise the son to get a work comp attorney ASAP. In the state in which the accident occured is PIP a requirement? if so they are responsible for some medical claim, good luck

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