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What is a vacation of a lifetime? And when do you take it???

May 14th, 2008 at 05:17 am

I have been keeping an eye on a house that I want to vacation is finally done being built and the price is now posted. I just have to find 4 other couples to feel the same way about it...which I don't think will be a problem.

I have never taken a really special vacation. The hub and I married the night before he shipped off to Kuwait in 1990...and we have been raising kids ever since. I have taken a long weekend to Vegas...and a week off here and there to camp...but as far as a "WOW" just has never been in the cards for us.

So, is it time to take that vacation of a lifetime...or do I recarpet the house, or save the money for retirement???

When do you know if it is worth it and if the time is right??? Or is the whole extravagant vacation thing something foolish and a waste of money...

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I am thinking of putting my Stimulus check in a savings account and adding to it until we have the cash saved to go..(about a year from now).

And in the intent of full disclosure..I am taking a week in Jan (New Years) with the family to a home in the mountains not far from where we live...and will also have an expense paid trip (because I will be working) next Feb to Washington DC...

I want to go really badly...this is a DREAM trip...
Does anyone else takes trips like this??? I would be interested in opinions...

9 Responses to “What is a vacation of a lifetime? And when do you take it???”

  1. Apprentice Fun-Frugalist Says:

    Wow - looks amazing!! Go for it !

    You deserve some excitement and pampering !! I think a trip of a lifetime is any one you will remember for the rest of your life. I've been planning one to New York for a few days and then on to South America for 2/3 weeks for my 30th b-day next May. I'm gonna save until I have enough cash to pay for it all ... I may have to wait until after my 30th has passed b4 I have enough money... we'll see !! :-)

    I think you are a hard-working woman, wife, mother & grandmother and definitely deserve a couple of weeks of luxury if you feel you would enjoy it. You are saving to pay for it so I see nothing wrong with it whatsoever. How many other people would just go on the holiday and pay by CC or get a loan to pay ???

    Go and Enjoy !!!! :-)

  2. aevans1206 Says:

    Everybody deserves a vacation. It is definitely money well spent. Go for it!

  3. Ima saver Says:

    I have been on 14 cruises of a week long or more!! I enjoyed it but never considered it the vacation of a life time. But I am so happy where I live now (I use to live in Florida) I feel like I am on vacation all the time. A beautiful creek to play in, beautiful mountains to look at, what more could I want??

  4. compulsive debtor Says:

    I think everyone deserves a vacation now and then if they can afford it. Personally, I want to see the world before I die. All the savings in the world isn't going to be worth crap when I'm dead.

  5. FrugalFish Says:

    I think you should start saving and go as soon as you have enough money. They say the happiest people are the ones who buy experiences, not things.

    My DH and I have been together 20 years and never a real vacation here either. I'm planning on it though.

  6. skydivingchic Says:

    I agree with the consensus - start saving and go if this is what you really want. DBF and I recently spent 4 weeks on an icebreaker touring the Falklands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula. For us, it was certainly a trip of a lifetime and well worth all the money we spent to do it. But we saved for it and paid cash without sacrificing EFs, 401(k)s, etc.

    Traveling is one of my great passions in life, so I make it a point to put a good chunk of money away each paycheck to fund my wanderlust. You have to strike a balance between saving for the future and enjoying your life (whether that means traveling, golfing, knitting, or whatever) - otherwise, what is the point? I've heard too many people say things like - "we'll take a cruise when the kids are in college" or "we plan to get an RV and tour the country someday", etc, etc. Well, it seems like unless you set very specific goals and timelines, "someday" never comes and life keeps getting in the way. Set the goal, start saving, and go.

  7. disneysteve Says:

    My vacation of a lifetime is going to be the Holland America Grand Voyage which is a circumnavigation cruise lasting about 115 days (itinerary changes a bit from year to year). I'm hoping we can do it when I retire in about 20 years.

  8. baselle Says:

    The "vacation of lifetime" forces that vacation to be perfect in every way, so it sets you up for a lot of stress! Rick Steves had it right when he says, "assume you will return." Set the goal and start saving for several great vacations, not just one "vacation of a lifetime". You'll know you're ready when you've saved enough when a minor disappointment is just that & doesn't turn crushing or depressing.

  9. Caoineag Says:

    It wouldn't appeal to me since I would rather be out hiking or snorkeling so why waste the money on the place I just sleep at night but that is a difference in priorities. If it appeals to you, save up for and enjoy it. I did my "dream" trip to Edinburgh, Scotland for 2 weeks while staying in a hostel and loved it. Now I just need to go back for a hiking trip because they have some fantastic setups for that.

    Though do be careful with the whole "trip of a lifetime" thing. It does put a lot of pressure on it to go perfectly and I have a friend that ruins almost all her vacations by not enjoying them for what they are and instead complaining about every little thing that didn't go as planned.

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