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I am NOT worrying...

May 19th, 2008 at 05:33 am

There is NOTHING to worry about. So I am not worrying. I am simply waiting...until Wednesday...when my doctor shares the results.

Seems I just have one lumpy pancake...and whatever is causing the lump showed on the ultrasound...and so, lucky me, "got" to go back for a second round of the mammogram machine...first time, piece of cake compared to the follow up...aich.

But apparently they have all the pictures they need to diagnose..whatever it is. But there is an 'IT'---my instructions- "don't worry"...yeah right.

So I find out on Wednesday when I see my doc for all of the blood test and other tests.

Because it may be nothing, I have not told anyone besides the hub. No need to cause concern with any of the family at this point. Hopefully, this blip in the radar will not be anything...and I can get back to taking life for granted again. (For those of you who don't know me...Im exaggerating of course...I really do try to treasure each and every day)

In other news, we bought DD3 a new bed this weekend. She has lived with the hand-me-down twin bed for long enough. (It has been through 2 other kids...and was not very expensive to begin with.- I think we got it for $189 about 10 years ago) So we bought her a queen. When we bought, I asked if they ever went on sale...and the salesman said no...but I was able to finaggle the price down from $699 to $424 by simply asking for the best cash I was happy. It is a nice pillow top. DD3 is thrilled. I guess it never hurts to ask for a discount..

The hub gets an extra paycheck this month, so that will more than cover the price of the bed.

I am sure we are running up a nice electric bill here with the record breaking heatwave we are having...thank goodness for air-conditioning! I will pay the higher electric for a good nights rest.

Havve a good week friends!

12 Responses to “I am NOT worrying...”

  1. Apprentice Fun-Frugalist Says:

    My best wishes are with you !! I hope Wednesday goes well for you !!!! I'm sure it will.

    Way to go on the bed !! I'll learn from you and start asking for discounts.. coz I tend to just find the cheapest asking price and pay it.

  2. aevans1206 Says:

    I am praying for you Ray!

  3. Carolina Bound Says:

    I have been through the same thing several times. Do you have fibrocystic breasts? Close to menopause? These things can cause benign lumps that are nothing to worry about.

  4. Ima saver Says:

    Hope everything is ok!!

  5. mooshocker Says:

    Pray. That is about the best advice I can offer you at this stressful time in your life. Sit quietly and share your thoughts, fears, worries and requests with God. So often we put ALL of our hope in the hands of Dr's, nurses, medications, counselors, self-help groups, books, home remedies, etc., and very little faith in God and His wonderous love. His path for you is His will, however, He hears all prayers and will NEVER foresake you. God bless you and I will pray for you as well!

  6. miclason Says:

    ((hug)) will add my prayers, as well!

  7. managinglife Says:

    My prayers and positive thinking is there for you.

  8. PauletteGoddard Says:

    I am holding good thoughts for you! My friend recently went through a similar "wait period," and I'm holding up my karma deflector panel to bounce her "eh it was nothing" results down to you.

  9. Koppur Says:

    I hope things go ok with the results. i'm thinking of you! *hug*

  10. JanH Says:

    I waited late to get my first mammogram, too, so I know how you feel. I found a lump, my doctor found a lump, and we went through the mammogram and then ultrasound. Then, to a surgeon to read the ultrasound. Turned out to be a cyst. Found out I have a bunch of them! The long process of waiting is hard. Take care of yourself and try to relax and live in the moment and not worry too much. Easier said than done! We didn't tell the kids, but we did tell the parents so they could pray. The really weird thing was that the person taking the mammogram was someone I knew from another life! It turned out kinda nice that she knew me and was so gentle. But, strange being in that position all the same! Thoughts and prayers go out to you!

  11. LadyT Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  12. frugaltexan75 Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you as well!

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