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Great day

June 8th, 2008 at 04:59 am

We spent $21 today to restock some of our supplies here. We needed olives, steak sauce, a few potatoes, zucchini...and a fun ice cream dessert for our last night.

Today we worked a jigsaw puzzle...went for a bike ride, watched a movie, enjoyed the jaccuzi twice, made omelettes, bbq-d and took a nap and a drive. The hub even hit the driving range.

I am sad to see our mini vaca come to an end tomorrow.

We had a message tonight that my dads only surviving sibling, a sis, passed away yesterday. A very sad event...that is the last of my dads generation...but Aunt Betty has battled cancer for years..she was my dads older sis...and was heartbroken when her "little" brother died this past December.

I am relaxing and enjoying this last night away...why does time fly so fast when you are away and having RnR????

Oh well, this has been a great long weekend...and we are starting to plan our next getaway already.

Hugs all. Have a great rest of the weekend.

3 Responses to “Great day”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Hope you hit the new week refreshed and rejuvenated! Smile

  2. Carolina Bound Says:

    I'm so glad you're having a good time. Wish I could do a jigsaw puzzle, but my cats won't allow it!

    My condolences on the loss of your aunt.

  3. koppur Says:

    I'm sorry about your aunt.

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