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Free HBO & Showtime this weekend

June 16th, 2008 at 12:25 am

This weekend we have had access to free movies that are on HBO, Showtime, etc. We do not subscribe to these--so it was interesting to have a few extra choices...but really, the freebies only confirmed what we already is not worth paying for. While we did watch a few movies, documentaries...There wasnt really anything that we would miss by not having it.

We do pay for satellite tv...but where we live there is NO reception without it...and we pay extra to have the east cost channels so we can watch our favorites at an earlier time...and my mom has free service to her home because we it is worth it for now.

I have been weighing my food and spending choices against the PV trip...and so far, I have made much better choices because of it...perhaps I should plan some kind of big trip each year if it helps me to get healthy (which I really want to do) and to save money (which is what I really want to do)...we will see how well I do after the newness of the plan wears off.

We borrowed my DS and DIL's bicycles...we want to try them out for a couple of weeks to see if they are something we will use if we have. IF so, we will probably buy a set...if not, well, we arent out any money to find out. We got them yesterday...and they both have flats...the hub promised to fix them when he gets home from golfing (which is where he is currently at)...again, we will see how it goes.

Four day work week this week for me. I took next Friday off as we are taking GS (4) and GD (2) camping in a YURT that we won at an auction a couple of months ago. Camping, fishing, row-boating, etc...should be fun. In any case, I am looking forward to ANOTHER long weekend next weekend!!!

Happy Fathers Day to all of our resident DADS!!!

3 Responses to “Free HBO & Showtime this weekend”

  1. Amber Says:

    I did not realize until I read your blog that HBO here was free also. I already get Showtime for free for 3 months and have had it about two months; only watching 2 movies. And I agree, I know just why I do not pay for it. Enjoy your trip

  2. Yankee Gal Says:

    Several months ago, I cancelled HBO, saving about $20 a month. I have not missed it...if we want to rent a movie we have lots to choose from On Demand or at the supermarket kiosk (cheaper).

  3. Ima saver Says:

    Have a fun weekend coming up!!

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