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My second NSD was THISCLOSE...and then...

January 13th, 2009 at 04:48 am


I enjoyed a NSD yesterday..and was coming up on NSD 2 (in a row)...meals all planned...I could almost taste the sweet smell of a small success...

And now, to tell this story, I need to back up a little...about 10 days ago...

I am taking my second college course and needed a textbook. Can you spell EXPENSIVE? (although I have heard this book was realatively cheap compared to other texts)

Full price/brand new- $65...used, $35.
So I looked on Amazon and found a good copy of my book for $5.95 +3.99 shipping. UNDER $10. Problem was I wouldnt get it in time for classes. But, the savings was too good to pass on.

So last week (my first week of class) I squeaked by without my book with my instructors blessing...but I was sweating bullets today. I needed that book! If it didnt come, I was contemplating buying the full price book (as the used were all sold out now) that I would have it tonight for class.

Low and behold, the book arrived! So, DD3 ran it into town for me.

I open the envelope and pull out the book....

AND ITS BRAND NEW. Wow. I was not expecting a brand new copy of the book.

As I go to toss out the packaging, wondering at my stroke of luck I notice the postage on the envelope. $11...ELEVEN Dollars...when I paid less than $10 for the book and shipping and the book is brand new..

I emailed the seller and he explained that it was a used book, he is just very careful with his books. He did not realize how much it was going to cost to mail the book when he put it on Amazon.

My conscience simply would not allow this poor guy to pay more to mail the book than I paid for the book and I sent him $7 which at least covered the shipping and allowed him the $5.95 on a book I was about to pay $65 for...

He was pleasantly surprised and I was still greatful for the condition of my book.

And NSD spree was short and sweet.

6 Responses to “My second NSD was THISCLOSE...and then...”

  1. shiela Says:

    That was really nice of you. Don't worry about missing out on NSD, tomorrow is another for NSD perhaps.

  2. baselle Says:

    But the karma that you bought was worth a million.

  3. mooshocker Says:

    What goes around, comes around. God bless you and your honesty, morality and integrity.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    You got a great deal!!

  5. Koppur Says:

    But your NSD was blown for a really good deed!

  6. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Wow, that really was a great thing for you to do. The book must be pretty heavy to cost that much to ship though.

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