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401K year two...

March 28th, 2009 at 05:02 pm

April is my anniversary month at work. I have been back to work TWO YEARs. Hard to believe. On my one year anniversary, my 401k hit $10k...and with the economy this year I didnt hold out hope that it would double this year...but it is on track to do just that. My next paycheck should put it just over $20k.

I am not sure if it will be a realistic expectation that year three will continue at this pace as my company is having to consider cutbacks as a result of the economy and one of the items on the table is the employer 401k contribution of 8%. No decisions have been made, but there is a possibility of it being reduced or eliminated. For now, though, I will keep plugging away at my 15% contribution...

DD3 went to counseling again yesterday. Things are still far from normal for us, but I do see small positive changes happening with her. I will take even the small victories with gratitude at this point...I feel like we have been through the wringer the last few weeks.

GD (age 3) will be spending the night tonight. Her mom and dad volunteer for a youth group and are up in Portland on an excursion with their 'kids'. they took the baby with them, but we agreed that GD would be much happier spending the weekend with her grandmas...Last night she was with one gramma...tonight she will be here with us. We are going to a big anniversary party and GD's cousins will be there, so she should have a great time...I wouldnt be surprised if we dont end up bringing GS (4) home with us too.

The mountain resort we like to visit had a spring special, rent two nights - get one free, so we booked a house for next weekend. We are going on Thur-Sun. We have invited another couple to join us and they are coming up on Friday...should be relaxing and fun.

So...tomorrow, I will start getting ready for the trip...and next week...I only work 3, YAY.

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  1. Ima saver Says:

    Your 401 is doing great!! Have fun next weekend.

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