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Small vacation snafu...

April 14th, 2009 at 02:58 am

40 days to we are starting a master list with everyones travel, etc...and I decided to get my flight number by looking up the date/time of my flight...only to find that there is no matching flight number/date/time..WTF???

After checking in with the travel agent, I found that not only did our travel times change, but the airline also changed our flight instead of a layover in LA where I was planning to hop off the flight and spend a week with my friend and do disney for my birthday, the layover is in SEATTLE?????

I let the travel agent know this is not going to work, so she is doing what she can to get us on the flight that stops in LA. I am soo glad we are double checking everything now.

Living in Oregon, sun is still several weeks I decided to buy a tanning package today to get a small advantage over burning while on vacation. so, 200 minutes for $50. We will see how it goes. I am worried about my Oregon skin FRYING on vacation. Hopefully, this temp fix will help. I tanned for 6 minutes today...and have a second appt tomorrow on my lunch hour. It is relaxing...although vision of skin cancer danced in my head the whole time I was in 'the machine'...and talk about clausterphoic...gads. But the machine has fans and a at least I will bake in semi-comfort. Tomorrow, I will stay in 7-8 minutes.

Thats all the excitement here...

5 Responses to “Small vacation snafu...”

  1. baselle Says:

    Big Grin Layover in Seattle! Oh boy! Oh wait - I'll be out on my own vacation Jun 1 -15.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    wow you are brave. i don't think i would ever use a tanning bed. i have olive skin but i am always the one out of all of my friends to sit with my towel over my head when i'm at the beach!

  3. gamecock43 Says:

    That would have been a big problem. "Goodday folks. This is your captain speaking. Soon we will be landing in- Surprise! Seattle! Thrifty Ray, lets see you keep your composure on this one. And don't forget to be nice to the flight attendants everyone. Good day."

  4. Ima saver Says:

    Glad you did some checking!!

  5. debtfreeme Says:

    You live in Oregon, flying to Mexico but you have to go through Seattle?

    That sounds like the trip I took when coming home from Europe with a broken foot/ankle.

    I left Moldova and flew to Frankfurt (on a plane with 48 seats and we could not reach the gates in Frankfurt that was fun!) then to Atlanta where I had to change planes, then to Nashville (change planes), salt lake city, seattle (change planes), LA (change planes) then to San Francisco, then Sacramento.

    Oh and the person who booked the flight originally only got me to LA.
    I said, how am I getting to Sacramento?
    She said, well can your family pick you up?
    I just laughed, my family would not drive 7 hours to get me.
    So then I got to San Francisco. When I landed on Nashville they realized my bags were checked through to Sacramento but I was ending in San Francisco. There was a mad scramble with the person in Moldova to arrange the flight to San Francisco which I did not know had actually happened until I landed in Seattle. I had a 4 hour lay over there in San Francisco. I could have rented a car, gone to sac and back during that time. Finally landed in Sacramento at 9:30 p.m.

    It was insane but that is what the US government pays for. It has to be the cheapest American carries used. So I saw many lovely airports and spent 37 hours traveling home.

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