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The Perils of Travel Insurance...AKA= a total waste of money

April 30th, 2009 at 04:58 am

Could it get any better than this?

WHO raised the bar to Level 5 today, which means we are that much closer to sayin buh-bye to vacation. So, I kick into high gear checking out our options and realize that we do not get any $$ back on the villa once we are within 60 days of, we are within 30 now...

So, I pull out that travel insurance that I bought thinking this is plan b...wrong! Plan b is completely excluded in the event of CDC declaring a pandemic.


We do not know how this is going to play out yet...clearly, we have nothing to lose now by waiting out the next couple of weeks, but its not looking good.

I worked a long one today...7:15am - 7:45pm and had a working lunch...I didnt even make it by the hospital to visit my mom...

Nana is doing better today is amazing how good, strong, IV antibiotics can kick pneumonia...nana should be out of the hospital by this weekend.

So...cruddy vacation news, in the midst of a long day, entwined with Nana feeling much better...

And THEN the icing on the cake....

Im gonna have another grandbaby in January!!! #6 will be born to DS and DIL. Such sweet news on such a crazy up and down day...but all in all, it doesnt get much better than this now does it????

7 Responses to “The Perils of Travel Insurance...AKA= a total waste of money”

  1. baselle Says:


    FYI, if DIL is part of the vacation party, flu and pregnancy do not mix. She should be particularly alert and shouldn't go even you decide to go.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Yeah! Wow! I can't believe how much your family has grown, just since you started your blog! Its fun to watch! You need to post a pic of all the grandbabies together sometime!

    I heard that it is too late to be canceling flights and cruise ships. I can't remember who was saying it, but they said the flu has already spread, so what is the difference whether you go to Mexico or not? Really at this point it is a personal decision. I guess you would be raising the risk of contracting the flu, but maybe you would'nt! I think you should still go, especially if you are going to lose money. Just take the necessary precautions everyone talks about.

    Glad Nana is doing better. Did DH recover from whatever he had??

  3. Ima saver Says:

    Gosh, you are not even 50 and you already have 6 (almost) grandchildren. Fantastic!!

  4. simpleyme Says:

    my Dh big boss got his travel insurance to cover his cancelled trip, it was told to me that he was told pandemics are not covered

    and he said give me the name of the person who is denying this claim and after my 2 weeks in mexico I will go to their office and cough on them, if they agree to that i will just go

    thats the story he told all and he said he got his trip refunded

  5. davera Says:

    Airlines are currently waiving change fees on nonrefundable tickets and allowing rebooking of flights to any destination in Mexico for 12 months from the date of departure, through May 16. It is likely that they will continue to extend this time period, if the swine flu risk is not contained. Check with the airline website.

    So even if your travel insurance does not cover this,(and usually their liability is for the change fee only), it looks like you could be still be okay. Can't help you with the villa, though.

  6. gamecock43 Says:

    I can only imagine the insurance company is thanking their lucky stars they included that clause!! Doesn't help you though. I say risk it. Whatever resort your going to will be empty, and the staff will be extra attentive to you. Just dont leave the resort. And dont drink the water!

  7. frugaltexan75 Says:

    From what I'm reading now, I think you won't really have anything to worry about in a few weeks. I'd say go ahead and go, but do still take the necessary precautions. (and yes, I realize that I'm backtracking.)

    At worst, someone on the trip may come down with flu. But, I highly doubt it would be anything more than a normal flu - unless there are other medical conditions. Most (if not all) of the deaths in Mexico have been the swine flu + other medical conditions.

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