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NSD today

June 23rd, 2009 at 04:16 am

Today was a no-spender. I typically just take coffee creamer to work (fat free Hazelnut) and my job supplies the coffee. And that's ususally my breakfast...I know, not very healthy, but it sure is good.

Last week there was a sale on some frozen breakfast sandwiches (weight watchers and they're not too bad) and lunches. $1.88 for two sandwiches (which makes it under a buck for breakfast) or 1 entree....which is way cheaper than the $5-8 I usually spend. So I bought enough to last for breakfast and lunch this week. It is nice to just pop one in the microwave and eat a quick lunch then have plenty of the hour left over to go wander somewhere...library, park, etc.

I got home and had leftovers for dinner.

So, a nice cheap day today. However, tomorrow I will need gas- so it won't be a no-spender.

I have worked out a new budget based on estimates for the hubs take home pay and the new house...and everything is penciling out nicely. We should be able to pay down the debt and sock away for his retirement well.

DD3 is doing great. She has weaned off the pain pills and is getting back into her routine. She is so much happier now that the surgery is behind her...

The hub will be home for his time off in two weeks. It will be nice to have him here...He loves his new I think this routine is our new reality for a while. and thats ok too. Because we have always worked opposite shifts, this is not a major change really.

Life is good.

2 Responses to “NSD today”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Everything sounds great! Glad hubby likes his new job.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    You deserve "life is good" my friend! Is Nana coming around?

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