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This month has flown by...

June 28th, 2009 at 06:01 pm

The hub will be home in a week. The last month has flown by, primarily because of all the things that have happened.

First, DD3 had surgery. She is recovering nicely and started back to work Friday night. She is still sore, so she's taking it easy. Her whole disposition has changed- I am sure it is part surgery, part counseling, part getting creepy boyfriend out of the picture. She learned that after she broke up with him, he started doing hard drugs and has gotten into some serious trouble. THANK GOD she realized his demons were bigger than her and she made the break. Unfortuantely, we decided that a restraining order was in order...but thankfully, he now legally can have no contact with her. Honestly, for a family that has no history with drugs, this feels like we are in the twilight zone. Its been a blessing and a nightmare....but thankfully, it is behind us.

Second, the new house. Everything is progressing nicely and I am hoping that we can push the escrow up a week so that we take possession while the hub is here. I am so excited about this.

Finally, nana. Oh boy. She has recovered from her surgery, but she is NOT ok with my move. She has told me that I am letting my dad down by not taking care of her, she has said she has nothing to live for now, she has her doctor concerned that they need to bring in senior services to see what I am doing, she feels like I am deserting her and will not see this any other way. I dont know what else to do or say...I have every intention of making sure she is taken care of. sigh.

Financially, the hub is making amazing money...and when he returns after his two weeks off, he will be making $3 more an hour. Expenses here are much less now. Dinners have been really cheap...usually and artichoke or sandwich for me. I went to Costco yesterday...only spent $6.99, which was for a big tub of red grapes. I have NEVER been to Costco for under $50-100!

This first two weeks home will be expensive. He is wanting some things in Alaska to help pass the, a tv and an ipod. I can certainly understand why, so, we will get them. He also wants to ship some stuff up there- not sure what yet.

And as a slurge, I made an appointment for a full hour side-by-side massage for us. I think it will be a wonderful treat that we will both enjoy.

The kids/grandkids are all out of town this weekend, so it has been quiet. Plan to sort and pack today.

2 Responses to “This month has flown by...”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    So glad that the controlling boyfriend is gone. Sorry about your mother.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Things seem to be moving along great! Although I do not envy you moving! Ugh! I HATE moving! :-)
    Only time will help with Nana. I'm sure your son will help with her. She just needs to see the plan in action and you will have to endure with patience!!
    The massage sounds like a great idea!

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