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This Gramma's POOPED

October 25th, 2009 at 03:38 pm

"Mom, can you watch (GS-14months old) for the weekend"...sure..+ "Gramma Ray, can I come spend the night" (GS- 5yrs)...sure = ONE POOPED GRAMMA!!! But we had a blast!!

Wowza. Thankfully, my playtime ends at 10am today and I can have a few of my weekend hours to catch back up this afternoon!

Last night when the hub called he said that the company had laid off one of its employees until December..???? He doesnt know if any more employees will be laid off or not. Oh boy...THIS WAS NOT IN THE BUDGET!! I am hoping that he doesn't get laid off... I am suddently second guessing my decision to buy this is what it is. We will make it work if the other shoe falls...somehow.

My mom left dialysis very sick a couple of weeks ago...they usually call me when this happens and I go pick her up...but for some reason they didnt. On the way home, she swerved into the other lane and caused a driver to go off the road. There was no accident, so she just kept driving...(???) A few mins later a sheriffs officer arrived at her house and cited her for careless driving...and now she has to go to court and may lose her license. If she does, there is a likelihood that she will have to stay with me at least 3 nights a week so that I can take her to dialysis. I really love my mom...but she and I can be oil and water...she sees the negative first and always...she always assumes the worst and she is very suspicious of others motives...and I tend to see the bright side until there is no alternative and then I am still looking for it... Her negativity drives me crazy.

Oh boy...could you imagine if the hub (who tolerates just small doses of my mom) gets laid off and my mom moves in...I may be heading back to live with Ima Saver or

Aside from all of that, life is good. We are just about caught back up financially from the new house stuff. I am about half way through with Christmas shopping! And my job is going great!

I tried a new soup recipe yesterday and it was GREAT (and easy!) A can of black beans, a can of Rotel Tomatoes (has peppers, jalapenos in it), chicken broth (about a cup) about a 1/4 cup red wine, a couple tablespoons of lemon juice and a shredded left over chicken breast. YUMMY.
I will be making this for dinner for a friend who is coming over tonight.

Life is good!

7 Responses to “This Gramma's POOPED”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Ah man, sorry to hear about your mom. I could NOT have my mom stay here either. Not sure who'd get out the door first - me or DH! My mom just lives in a warped fantasy land full of entitlement, while I live in reality.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Come on down, Ray, I have plenty of room!!

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I hear you! I love my mom, but she and I could not be under the same roof for more than a few days at a time. Even this weekend we got a little snippy with each other.

  4. baselle Says:

    I've got a winter farmette that you can hide out in - but it is a bit far from the NW. Smile

  5. boomeyers Says:

    Glad everything is going so well. Cross my fingers for hubs....
    Perhaps if your mom explains it was a medical condition they will let her off.... this time. I can't imagine the head butting that would go on if she had to move in, but I guess we do what we have to do. Otherwise, our German student just left, so I will redo the room for you and put on fresh sheets! Smile

  6. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Thanks everyone! Baselle...If the two of them end up here...a farmette sounds perfect...the farther the better! lol

  7. Jerry Says:

    That was pretty irresponsible of the dialysis clinic to lead her to drive in that state, I think. I'm kind of surprised. I hope that she is able to keep her license, and also that they can offer some insurance that they will call in the future if she is feeling poorly after a visit! That's the only commonsense thing to do...

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