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A Christmas they 'deserve'....hmmm ranting tonight...sorrry

November 20th, 2009 at 03:17 am

Wow. A local station is sponsoring a program this year where families submit their 'story' and the community votes on the story/family that needs $1000 the most... and the family with the most votes will receive a nice gift card for Christmas.

I was reading some of the stories and was shocked by the number of parents whose entries were on the order of "I want to give my (4, 5, 6) children the Christmas they deserve", huh?

I am by far 'scrooge' when it comes to Christmas...and being in the financial industry, I completely understand how hard the economy has hit people...but c'mon! Children deserve love, a home, a hot meal on the table....but a lavish, commercialized Christmas?? I had plenty of lean years as a single mom...and my kids Christmases were very memorable without being expensive. We just made do...

It made me sad to read entries where the $1000 prize would give the kids a 'Christmas to remember"...'A christmas they deserved"

My vote went to a young couple with an infant who has been in and out of the hospital that need the money for a deposit on a rental home...since their home was foreclosed on because of the mounting medical bills...

However, the stories all made me greatful for where my kids are in life...they are all healthy, happy and working. They have all been somewhat immune to the ails of the economy. (thank goodness) We have MUCH to be greatful for...

And...I will be dropping a little extra into the collection jar each week for the family (s) that are chosen in this give-away. there are an overwhelming number of families that are experiencing true hardships this year that I am compelled to help with what I can.

Life is very, very good here.

13 Responses to “A Christmas they 'deserve'....hmmm ranting tonight...sorrry”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    I would find those comments obnoxious too - sounds like you made a good choice!

  2. Analise Says:

    Amen! I sure hope the couple you voted for is the winner.

  3. debtfreeme Says:

    what a good vote you made!

  4. whitestripe Says:

    the sad thing is, often the money goes to those famlies that want to give their children a wizzbang christmas. surely there are more important things in life?

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but my ex-wife was like that. She used to lament about the kind of Christmas she had and how gift-giving was such a joyous thing until she met me.

    I think the hard part is to disconnect that kind of emotion with materialism. I believe that Christmas and any other special holidays can still be enjoyed without all the materialism and commercialism.

    But it's hard. Sometimes, people are just so stuck on such a way, it's hard to tell them no sometimes. Because they honestly believe that children will lose a special part of their childhood memories if the materialism isn't there.

    Children do deserve to have a nice Christmas. But it should be emphasized with love and family, not necessarily gifts.

  6. Ima saver Says:

    I agree with you Ray. We have something here called, "shop with a cop" Each child gets $250 to spend on gifts for the people in their family. It doesn't matter that these families have no heat, no electricity, food, etc., the money goes for presents that are really not needed.

  7. momcents Says:

    I, too, have questioned the appeals for Christmas donations for needy families who want to give their kids great things. Then I saw the stories and situations in our most recent Catholic Charities magazine. There were pictures of kids who would like $35 or $50 to purchase their mothers/grandmothers things like a new watch or a new coat. I made a donation thinking simply of those mothers who sacrafice and work minimum wage jobs to provide for their kids. And those women who flee abusive homes and live in shelters to provide a better future for their kids. I guess it just matters to find something you feel worthy and donate to that cause.

    I do agree with your post though!

  8. buddy Says:

    I like to give money to our local food bank. My work takes me to the rural areas in our county and I know for a fact that food pantries are put to good use.

  9. princessperky Says:

    I get annoyed at the 'angel' trees asking for new bikes and (as in both) playstations for Christmas. I have absolutely no desire to get that for my own kid why would I get onefor a kid who needs food, heat and a safe place to sleep so much more? (and what do you do with the playstation when the electricity is cut off?)

    anyway I hope more folk vote for the right sort of family (can we vote?)

  10. frugaltexan Says:

    I agree with you as well, and hope that young couple wins.

  11. Jerry Says:

    My former workplace does a gift program for a family in need each year, and for some reason last year there was something about it that stuck in my craw. It just seemed like the family thought that the items were owed them, somehow, which leads me to get more than a little cranky. I'm glad that your vote went to that young family, and I hope that they are selected, and that they get the help that they need. (Some health insurance reform might fit the bill, in cases like this, perhaps?)

  12. aquellawhite Says:

    Hi my name is aquella white i am 16 years old i am writein to ask for help beacuse my family is in desperate need i am 1 of 7 children liveing in the same household i must admit my life qrowin up hasn't been something i should complain about i am grateful that my mother never gave up on us even in the hardest times we are not a family to often reach out for help wen we need it but this time i see it as our last september of 08 my aunt debroah white died of aids she lives in mahatan on delancey street she left to mourn 5 beautifl children right away afther her death my family got togther and planned her funeral an burried she now rest peacefully in rosehill cemintary the death of (debbie) left our family broke but we got back up and both sides of the family celebrated christmas last year togther.....natasha who was debbies oldest daugther (23) got custody of her 2 brothers (kirk.and naquan) who are debbies youngest kids and even tho tasha had 2 kids of her own she put foward the effort rasing all four alonq wid her sister(janae) who was 19 at the time..natasha became really sick.depressed and she beinq looseing weight and at the aqe of 23 tasha weighd less then i did.....the sunday before thanksgivein 09 naquan found tasha laying in a bathroom naked passed out him and kirk rushed to find a phone and called 911......tasha was pronuced dead just a few hours later....the family was devasted to here that another loved one had passed away my mother imediatly jumped up in helping in planning tashas funeral an all the other cases involved with her death .....toghter her and jane fought so jane could now get custdoy of her brothers just as tasha did but this time janae would also get custody of tashas very young sons as well ..dante(5) and justin(1) ..... jane is only 21 but she has gave up her life as a young adult to help provide for her mother gave up all the money she had in order to help plan for tashas funeral an burriel ....tasha was layed to rest on december 11 a double plot on top of her mothers casket in rose hill cemitary in linden is about 12 days away an my family is in desperate need......i am not only askin for help to my immidate family in my household i would like to help out jane and the rest of my cousins...the unexpected deaths and economic ression has left my family in mother does not have a job an she hasn't had one for a while..her boyfriend doesn't have a job an are strugglein to find one..janae does not have a job an is also struggling to find one i also am struggling to find one it would be wonderful if my family could get 1.000 a 1 thousand dollar donation 500 for janae an the kids an 500 for my mom an her 7 young kids to help brighten up the bad times an turn them into good....not only have my cousins lost a mother they have also lost a sister and i would love to seem them smile agen ......i would love to see my mother happy beacuse lately she has been stressed she doesn't even have money for laundry we live in an apartment in mountvernon and sometimes our heat isn't on. Our family grew up an welfare but my mother never for once gave up and i would like to rewad both ends of my family ffor fighting strong an never given up can somebodyyy plzz help all my younger brothers an sisters and cousins deserve a chritmas...I'm askin and will be grateful for anything even if we could at least get a christmas tree to gather around beacuse we cant afford one if u cant help could u refer me to somebody who can plzz and thank you very much

  13. aquellawhite Says:

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