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Budget is Working!

October 10th, 2010 at 08:47 pm

Thanks to some great deals and living out of the pantry a freezer, I came in well under budget for food this next week. Safeway had a great deal, buy two jars of Classico sauce, get two boxes of pasta free. Sauce was on sale for 2/$4- so this will makes some very inexpensive meals.

I am cooking a large pork roast today- part will be for dinner tonight and the rest will get shredded for future pulled pork sandwiches.

I used the $30 in Kohl's cash I had to buy a new waffle maker (my old one died over a year ago) and a couple of candles and a frame for christmas gifts.

Time to hit the books for my class. Life is good!

2 Responses to “Budget is Working!”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    Glad your budget's working for you Smile

  2. Homebody Says:

    I had to pass up that Safeway buy because I have too much pasta and sauce. We had spaghetti Saturday and need to have pasta and sauce once a week for the rest of the year to get rid of it all!

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