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Well that sucked....

December 17th, 2010 at 05:20 am

My mom left behind her companion, a chihuahua named Arizona that she adopted just days after my dad died. My daughter took her after my mom died and Arizona became part of their household. Well, dagnabbit... last night Arizona got out and was hit by a car. Very sad...she was our little link to nana...and now she is gone. Frown

In other news, I got an A in Sociology...which means I will maintain my 4.0 for now. Dont know how long I will maintain it...but I am more than happy to have gotten the A.

My job gave out end of year thank yous today. I got a $50 gift card plus a $350 cash safety bonus!!!! (yay!!) Im going to tuck that away for something special...not sure what yet...but very excited to have gotten it.

Last weekend I went to a fundraiser/silent auction. It was a GREAT cause and I bid on a 'pizza for a year' package and WON!!! I will recieve one large gourmet pizza each cost was $130 or $10.85 per pizza. It felt great to help a good cause and to get a really good deal too! The pizza's at this place are awesome!!

RIP lil Arizona. Give nana a kiss for all of us.

9 Responses to “Well that sucked....”

  1. baselle Says:

    Oh my, I am sorry for little Arizona. Perhaps she was trying to find your nana ... and did.

  2. shiela Says:

    Oh sorry about the dog.

  3. NJDebbie Says:

    I'm so sorry. ((HUGS))

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm so sorry about little Arizona. It is so hard to lose a pet, but I imagine it's even more difficult to lose one that has extra special meanings attached to it. {{{Ray}}}

    Way to go on the A! You can maintain your 4.0 - just don't do what I did ... and totally space cadet the final projects assignment due date. Doh!

  5. CB in the City Says:

    So sorry about Arizona!

  6. Ima saver Says:

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of the little dog. I love my dogs so much and I cry every time someone loses theirs.

  7. Homebody Says:

    I am so sorry. My little guy is laying here beside me on his bed. I dread the day....

  8. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Thank you everyone. I so appreciate the sisterhood we share here. {{{hugs}}} back to each of you.

  9. campfrugal Says:

    I am so sorry to here about your little pooch. It is always tough to loose loved ones around the holidays even if it is a pet. We would be devastated if we lost ours.

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