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January 15th, 2011 at 03:08 am

Thank goodness its PAYDAY at last!!! WHEW.

Todays paycheck included an extra $270 (after taxes) from my 10% loyalty rebate at my job. I will tuck that away for a rainy day. After getting paid, I am all caught up and back on track with my budget now. That feels really really good.

I bumped up my vacation account an extra $5 per week. I think I have decided NOT to go to Jamaica this summer for my friends birthday, but rather just go to her party in So California. The Jamaica trip would be fun, but there are going to be other couples going that I barely know...and I am just not sure I want a big vacation to include the unknown of someone else's friends. Id rather put the money towards a trip that I have more say in. I will still get to celebrate with my buddy, but it will cost me under $500 instead of over $3000; PLUS I can go visit my other friend who is going through a mastectomy soon and will be recovering from cancer treatments this summer. (The two friends live about 2 hrs from each other, so I can rent a car down there and easily do both.)

I finished giving all my evaluations today. Everyone seemed happy with their review and raises. We are opening a new location in about two months, so next week will be spent figuring out all of the furniture logistics. (We are selling the old and putting new in the new location.) From one busy project to the next...but it keeps life interesting and fun.

So so so so glad its the weekend!! Life is good!

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  1. Savings Queen Says:

    Great decision on the vacation!!! Congrats on doing the next right thing!! You reminded me to take the raw emotion out of money decisions and THINK!!

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