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Day 3- Gold Star

February 3rd, 2011 at 05:20 am

It was a creative day food wise.

Bagel and coffee for breakfast $1

Tomato Soup, slice of french bread and a banana for lunch $1.25...Wednesday's our IT team picks up pizza from Costco and everyone gets together for $3 each and has pizza and a soda...but I stuck to the lunch challenge.

Tomato soup at work = heating in a cup in microwave and drink/sipping it. I wasnt really in the mood for soup today, but it was easy to tuck the container in my lunch last night.

Two chili cheese dogs for dinner free (hub bought groceries this week)

Definately not the healthiest day food-wise, but it worked. Smile

The soup and banana ended up not being a good combo for my asthma...never noticed foods causing an attack- but all I was doing was working in my office when it came on- right after lunch. So I suspect one of the two triggered the attack.

Spent my 'lunch hour' studying for my mid-term next week.

Today was another no spend day.

Tonight I made oatmeal and bacon for lunch tomorrow. -Didnt have any sandwich fixins...and I am out of the bbq chicken- so I got creative again.

I am glad that HouseHopeful started this challenge...the timing was so on for me. Just that one little change has got me rethinking other budget areas.. Big Grin

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  1. What the heck... Says:

    I too have asmatic symptoms from random foods. I know how hard it is. Fingers crossed that you fimd some foods that agree with you....

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