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Lunch Time!

February 3rd, 2011 at 09:12 pm

I am on lunch at work. I should be studying, but my lunch of oatmeal and bacon made me think of this site- so here I am!

Last night I was thinking oatmeal/bacon for lunch-not so enticing...but it was actually really good- so I will be doing that more often. It was certainly easy and inexpensive. THe oatmeal (steel cut, bulk) cost .50, the 2 slices of bacon - which I bought in bulk and on sale...maybe .25. I did bring a I will add another .20 (3.99 for 24 = .17 per)and I have a banana for snack...which was on the hubs dime this week. So...$.95 for lunch today. (yay!)

Breakfast was the standby bagel and coffee. $1

Dinner tonight will be on the hub again...roast beef sandwiches made from a slow cooked roast and salad.

I did splurge today however. My team at work wanted to host a chip and salsa party for everyone in our building I chipped in $30 to buy most of the supplies. My team is all on a tight budget and I thought the hosting thing sounded like a fun, team-building its all good.

My volunteer day on Saturday has fallen I will have a full day to study for class. - And I think the hub and I will go enjoy our free Feburary pizza on Sunday...

Life is awesome!

3 Responses to “Lunch Time!”

  1. Savings Queen Says:

    Congrats on your low cost lunches. Bless your heart about hosting the party too. Sometimes spending money can be an investment in good relationships. You are a generous person.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Sometimes it's good to take a break from studying and enjoy ourselves. Smile

  3. boomeyers Says:

    A chip and salsa party to beat the winter blahs sounds awesome!!
    Way to go eating from home. I have been very bad about this, you inspire me! :-)

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