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Remote capture...and my stab at predicting

March 18th, 2011 at 04:57 am

Finished up at the planning session for work today. My bet was that once people were able to use remote capture for their checks, the number of transaction conducted in a brick and mortar (bank) would decrease significantly...hmmm. This was countered by the fact that the intro of the internet and internet banking in the 90s would eliminate the need for tellers...and clearly, that didnt happen. But I thin remote capture will be a game changer. I mean, if you could use your phone to take apicture of all the checks you receive...and then send the picture as a deposit from wherever you are...would you then need to go to the bank for much of anything???? Thoughts?

I am looking forward to the next two weekends. No homework, tests or studying...just time to relax and have fun...

No baby yet....she is a week overdue tomorrow. I feel like Im waiting for the water to

Thankfully got a response on the family photos that copies are ok. My faith in family is somewhat restored. Smile

Looking forward to the weekend. ALOT.

3 Responses to “Remote capture...and my stab at predicting”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Glad to hear that copies were okay. I think the image in whatever form is what most are after!

    We only have an online bank. Paychecks are direct deposited. Other checks we receive are scanned in on our printer for deposit. We stop at ATM's for cash. I have had to request cashier's checks from our bank, but that is done through the mail. It's when we receive large sums of cash, such as a garage sale, that I wish I could deposit it. However, we just use the cash instead of our debit card. Don't many businesses still use banks?

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    I've never much utilized any banks in person.

    That said, my employer does not do direct deposit, and we opened an account with a CU down the street from our home. I mailed all my paychecks in for DECADES before that, but the mail had gotten so inconsistent and slow that I have taken to dropping off my paychecks at this CU. Since we now have remote deposit, I go to there less often.

    I share because, overall, I think people either prefer transacting at the bank, or don't. Not much in between. I would presume more young people with direct deposit and online accounts don't go to their banks much in the first place. But remote deposit will replace a faulty mail system. I don't see the older types jumping on the technology. Will be interesting to see, I guess.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    If the only thing I had to deposit in my account were checks, and I had the option of scanning my check(s) with my phone, etc. You bet I would do it! Unfortunately, right now I have about as much cash as I do checks each month - which necessitates a trip to the teller.

    -- At Chase I could deposit cash in the ATM's, as well as checks - but so far I haven't found that that is possible with Compass Bank. If I could do that, then that would eliminate needing to go into the bank.

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