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Enjoying a vacation day!

April 4th, 2011 at 10:56 pm

My friends son is at his Dr appointment today to find out if he will continue with chemo treatments or not. He got so excited about a dinner in his honor, that I will go forward with the event either way- and we are going to have a dance with the event. If this will lift his spirits, then Im all over it. My DIL has agreed to DJ the daughter will do photography...I will get to work on securing donations to raffle...and food to serve. I have 18 days to get everything ready.

This past weekend a friend from High School and her daughter came to visit. We went sight seeing and I took them to a few of our restaurants that are unique to our area. I think they enjoyed themselves. It is interesting to see how two friends from high school can grow in such different directions. But it was fun to catch up and get reaquainted.

DD3 is all moved in with her papa...She called yesterday needing me to buy books for school. Almost $200 later, I think we got her all set. Thank goodness for sites like Amazon where I can buy those books for much cheaper and have them shipped directly to her. Between her expenses and my son still trying to catch up... I am way behind $$ now. I have to come up with car insurance and have zero in my christmas club and freedom accounts....I will be catching up for months.

Good thing I am in a place where I dont have a long list of wants and can get by on basic needs for now.

Today was a vacation day for me. I have spent it doing laundry, dishes, floors...and getting reorganized. I have to jump back into school mode this week, so my free time is about to become limited again.

Plus, planning the dinner-dance...

Glad I had today to may be a while before I have another day to relax and putz.

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  1. Jerry Says:

    I think you are an angel for helping the young man out like that, and I think you are right that it will lead to him feeling positive and upbeat about a dinner-dance... what a blessing to have a friend like you to help out. We really have no insurance against the "slings and arrows" and to make a difference like that means a lot.
    Kudos to you.

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