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Inexpensive Blender...thank you Kohl's!

June 9th, 2011 at 05:17 pm

Kohls sent me a $10 off anything card for my birthday- and it can be combined with all other discounts. I also just received a 30% off offer. We havent had a blender in I think I may get one today. They have them on sale for $19.99 - 30% off = 13.99 - $10...$3.99 for a blender that was originally $39.99. I see fruit smoothies for summer in my future!!

It is already THURSDAY of my vacation. Why do vacations go so fast?

My son has started looking for jobs here locally. He is doubtful that he will find something, but I am holding out hope that his solution is here if we look hard enough. In a perfect plan b world, the hours will be such that he can continue his business on the weekends and some evenings. He has such a loyal customer base that I am sure mose of them would be willing to work with him on service days/times. I have many connections and already offers to put in a good word for him our coming.

Our houseguest is better. They pumped her full of fluids and antibiotics in the ER and she came home so much better. Thank goodness. The sad thing is her family really didnt step up to help her. What is it with families that just throw up their hands after a certain age? I try not to judge others parenting, but sometimes I am baffled by the actions of some parents. She is attending college full time and pulling really good grades. A little financial and/or emotional assistance would go a long way for her. I dont get it.

My garden is taking off...but darn it, something ate the watermelon plant AGAIN. This is the third attempt. I will look for a cover of somesort for the next one...the pesticides that were suggested failed...miserably. We love watermelon, but I am about ready to accept that I am destined to buy them at the store. I am growing corn, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, artichokes, peppers, green onions and basil...(the basil may not make it- I think the sun may have been to much) So far, everything else is looking healthy.

Well, lots to do! Have a good one!

4 Responses to “Inexpensive Blender...thank you Kohl's!”

  1. librarylady Says:

    Hope you really enjoy the rest of your vacation and Happy Birthday!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    fingers crossed that your son will find a good job!

  3. Jerry Says:

    I am constantly amazed at how some families will completely ignore their own flesh and blood in a crisis, and it leads me to the conclusion that this is part of what is wrong with the world, quite frankly. If you can't have the insurance of relying on family and friends, what the heck else is there? Glad that you were there to lend a hand...

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I hope you enjoy your blender!

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