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Havent worked all week...

August 18th, 2011 at 12:52 am

Things got worse yesterday. When I got to the Dr. my fever had reached 102. That was after taking tylenol, mucinex, and drinking lots of fluids. Doc prescribed antibiotics and today, I feel almost human again. Yesterday is truly just a blur. Because of my insurance and flex pay, yesterday did not cost out of pocket.

I was still pretty weak this morning, so I didnt go to work again...three days off this week. Thankfully, I had two weeks of PTO stocked up just for illness, so it wont affect my planned vacation days for the rest of the year.

I feel good enough to return to work tomorrow.

I remembered a frugal idea that really saved me this week. Before I got so sick, I also got a cold sore. I did not have any chapstick in the house. But I did have olive oil. I kept a small dish next to me and dabbed it on when my lip felt dry and hard...the olive oil saved me from painful chapping. It really worked well!!

Good find:
If anyone has an aspiring young pirate, you should check out the Doug and Melissa Pirate outfit on Amazon. I ordered this for my grandson and he LOVED it. It is also VERY WELL MADE and was only $22. I was very pleased with this purchase- he is 3 and the hat and sword were his favs, but the rest of the costume was REALLY enjoyed by his friend age 5.

5 Responses to “Havent worked all week...”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Sorry you were ill, but glad you are feeling better!

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Thank you was surreal being that sick. I only remember bits and pieces of the day. SO GLAD that is behind me!

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    We didn't have high fevers, but both dh and I got nasty sick for about a week. Some yucky stuff going around. Glad you are feeling better!

  4. baselle Says:

    Feel better!

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Ugh! Sorry to hear you've been feeling so poorly. I hope the upward mend continues!

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