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August 23rd, 2011 at 02:39 am

The weekend ended up just being a major spendfest for me. And to make it worse, most of my spending went on meals. :/ Oh well, chalk it up to a reaffirmation that it feels much better to stick to a budget.....and move on.

My friends and I did go see the movie 'The Help'. I really enjoyed it. I dont go to many movies, so I am always happy when the one I do go to is worth the time and money.

I made my decision about the school, and said....YES. I believe this experience will be valuable to me during the rest of my career...and so I am seizing the opportunity offered to me!! (yay!)I dont start until next summer, so I am taking two classes this fall and see if I can handle two for winter and spring terms. My job is paying for the classes and books, so I am very lucky.

As I type, my first zucchini bread of the season is in its final moments in the oven. The house smells so wonderful! I am making four loaves tonight. Two with chocolate chips. YUM.

I finished my antibiotics a couple of days ago and my cough was still bad. Asthma and coughs seriously do not play well together. So I called my doctor and asked again for prednisone...and voila! they approved the request. So I have taken my first one, and will hopefully be on the mend tomorrow. Thank you Doc! After my insurance kicked in, the prescription was $1.82. Considering how well this works for my lungs, it is easily the BEST $1.82 ever spent!

The hub's birthday is this weekend, so a few months ago I booked a beachfront condo on the coast. I have a vacation budget and a birthday budget- which definately helped pay for this. The condo has a hot tub on the deck overlooking the ocean! We are driving up on Sat am and coming home Tues. I am so happy to be going on another mini vaca!! This will be my last for a couple of months, so I plan to ENJOY it.

Life is good!

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Yay! I'm glad to hear you decided to go ahead with the school.

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