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Christmas thoughts

August 24th, 2011 at 02:05 am

Note to self...a cat that normally soaks up attention does not suddenly play independently for an extended period unless somethings up. He was playing for quite a while by himself, so I decided to check on him...he was not alone...his new friend? A snake...IN MY HOUSE.

Thankfully it was very small, about a foot long. So I grabbed a towel, scooped the snake up and sent them both out back to play. *shudder*...egads.

I went out to lunch myself. Every once in a while it is nice to go sit down and be served a nice meal, just because. Usually I eat at my desk while squeezing a little more work into my day. I spent $17 for lunch and tip. That was all I spent today....that was much more than I should have- but it was a wonderful lunch and I just had a baked potato for dinner, so I dont feel too guilty.

While I was waiting for lunch, I worked on my Christmas budget and ideas for gifts. I have to stick to my budget this year, so I need to watch for bargains- or look for that 'perfect' gift for the right price. DOing this takes time...and I am about to start back to school after taking the summer off, so I want to allow plenty of time so that I am not splurging last minute because I am out of time.

No matter how you frame is just weird to be thinking Christmas when its 90+ degrees outside. Smile But I will admit, I am a big kid when it comes to surprising the babies (and even the big kids) with a well planned present.

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