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A new freebie that I didnt know I had!

August 27th, 2011 at 01:36 am

My team at work is responsible for ordering many of the books, etc that we use at work, so I have an Amazon Prime account to get expedited, free shipping. This past week I was perusing Amazon and realized that the prime account comes with instant movies and tv shows that I can watch on my pc, FOR FREE. Smile I took advantage this week and watch a couple of older movies- what a treat. It looks like I could maybe watch things on my TV too, but I havent figured out how that works is just fun to have all the new options at my fingertips!! Smile

I am looking forward to digging deeper to find out what is available- it says 1000's of choices. I love finding new, free things!!

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  1. patientsaver Says:

    That's a great perk.

    It remindes me of when i discovered a huge work-related freebie. Since I was in charge of ordering all office supplies for our two-person office (a few years ago), i realized after about 2 years that I could open a Staples reward account and get credit for ordering all those work supplies. Every quarter I'd get rewards worth over $100 that I could spend at Staples as I liked! It was a huge windfall...i got a nice aluminium step ladder, several cases of toilet paper and paper towels.

    The funny thing about it was that when I went to open up my Staples rewards account, I saw that a payroll person in our home office had already done so, and I could only guess that she was taking advantage not only of all the spending my office was doing but of the company's other offices as well! So I had Staples remove her name and put in my name, which they did, since I was the one making the purchases. I always wondered if that employee knew what happened, or not. Perhaps they didn't even notice fewer checks? I don't really know.

    Anyway, I only wish I had started my staples rewards a lot sooner.

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