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The hubs birthday getaway accounting

August 30th, 2011 at 10:31 pm

We are back home again. I have to say, the getaway was really nice- the only thing is it was a tad too much driving for just 4 days. If we go back to that part of the coast, it will be for 5-6 days minimum.

By far, the most expensive part of the trip was the accomodations...which came to $579.53. But the location of the places we stayed was phenomenal and well worth it IMHO.

Place number one...view from the living room/kitchen:

Place number two...view from our deck:

And the sighseeing along the way. I love the Oregon coast:

Food: We ate out only 4 times @ $116- well, 5 if we count the prime rib dinner FIL bought us. We had the nations most famous (?) clam chowder at Mo's; enjoyed a burger at McMinneman's; tried the local favorite pizza in Gold Beach; and made our final stop at Marie Calendars after we got to town...the hub was starving (and obviously craving pie). Smile

Misc expenses (drinks, ice, snacks, bagels, coffee creamer) ran $38.48.

So my total for the weekend: $734.51

The hub paid for the gas...I estimate he spent about $100- but that was his only expense. Smile

Fun times.

Now to get laundry and odds and ends ready for the short week ahead...before a three day weekend. Big Grin

2 Responses to “The hubs birthday getaway accounting”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Nice pics too. Big Grin

  2. Amy Sikes Says:

    Looks beautiful! Glad you made it back safely.

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