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Beware of the talkative cat...

October 1st, 2011 at 03:42 pm

This week has been so busy.

The hub is in Alaska and back to work! I am uber busy with school- taking two classes might not have been the wisest decision Ive ever made.

Let me start this post by telling a story. Wednesday morning I was getting ready for work- I had stayed up late Tuesday working on homework, so I was not as alert as normal.

I was sitting at my dining room table putting my shoes and socks on and my cat was being very talkative..not his usual style, but it was entertaining. I slipped my foot into my shoe and it didnt go all the way in....about the same time I hear an unual squeek for somewhere I wriggled my toes trying to get my foot in my dawned on me- that moment of clarity - why the shoe wouldnt go on, my cat was so talkative and the squeek...

I kicked off the shoe and SURE ENOUGH...a MOUSE went scurrying away...followed by the cat.


no, make that a double ewwww...

NEVER again will I feel ok just putting my foot into the black abyss of a shoe without first checking to make sure my cat hasnt chased a critter into it.

DD3 texted me that she needed school books. I signed up for my classes last May and ordered my books at a deep discount from Amazon, to save $$. Of course, she needs her books by Tuesday...which means paying a higher price for an amazon prime provider to get them here quickly. Instead of $130 for the books, I paid $165...but that was still cheaper than the over $200 we would have paid at the college bookstore. But still, I hated paying so much more because of her procrastination.

It worked great this past week to pre-cook and prepare the oatmeal for my breakfast at work- so I will do that again. I also have chicken in the freezer that I'll pull out to make some dishes for dinners and then leftovers for lunches. It was MUCH less expensive for meals this week. Weekend preparation will definately help me stay on budget while the hub is gone!

I have so much homework this off to hit the books. I want to carve out time to relax and have some fun too!

5 Responses to “Beware of the talkative cat...”

  1. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Cats apparently "talk" via meow only to humans, at other animals they growl and hiss but do no other vocalizations. The cat has always something worthy to say (in its opinion, naturally) when it talks to you! "uh, don't put your hindpaw there, no really, you'll regret it... uh..."

    BTW: you'll be thrilled to know our credit union won us over from our mortgagor community bank of twelve years with a fee-free mortgage. We were thrilled because four days before they introduced the fee-free mortgage we had applied for a conventional 15-year mortgage and they let us switch when their new loan product was rolled out.

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    You are spot on about my cat! lol Still...ewwww. At least it wasnt one of his snakes.

    Applauding loudly that your credit union did the RIGHT thing for you. It sounds like they work very similarly to ours.

    ps...I have watched that John Daker piece over and over and laugh a little more each time. omg that is funny.

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    HAHA! But also EWWW! Big Grin
    My cat "put" a garter snake in our diaper bag years ago and totally freaked my MIL out!

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