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Date with GD and the weekend ahead

February 4th, 2012 at 05:07 pm

Last night I took my oldest grandaughter (6) to the movie We Bought a Zoo. It was cute, and she enjoyed it...although it was a fairly long movie, she did really well. Its been a while since Ive been to a movie I guess...or maybe I just always go during the early bird shows...since we went to the 7pm movie on a Friday night, my ticket was $8 and hers $5.75. I had a gift card so no out of pocket.

Before the movie we went to Red Robin for dinner- her mom joined us, and DD2 happened to get wind and was free for dinner (funny how that happens if moms buying!! lol) $65 for the four of us.

The shopping I did last week is going to suffice for this next week too. I will need just a few things (perishables) but have enough chicken, pasta, etc to last the next week.I am going to make a chicken in the crockpot today. Super easy...put the bird in, sprinkle with curry add a few dabs of butter and let it do its thing. I will serve the chicken with some green beans and rice or potatoes. Smile

Going to get outdoors some today..the sun is out, which is fabulous!

So far, the weekend is off to a fabulous start.

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