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Funny story about the grandkids...

February 5th, 2012 at 10:44 pm

Waiting on the Superbowl to start. I consider Green Bay "my team' of choice, so I am not overly excited about who wins today...but over the past two years I have just developed a love for watching the game. And I do love the commercials. Big Grin

My teen houseguest went to the store for the broccoli I needed to make the chicken divan...and we ended up getting some game foods. She spent $27, but there is extra of several things because of the 2 for 1 deals (she didnt realize she could just buy one and get it for the half Salsa, refried beans, etc...none of it will go to waste. I also needed olive oil.

The chicken divan is prepared and in the fridge to cook for dinner either tonight or tomorrow (depending on how much we snack.)

So a funny story to share...

two of my grandkids (cousins) were here yesterday (7 and 6). I think its because they are both oldest at home, but they argue the point that I dont have both of them at the same time if possible. My daughter and I took them to Costco, which was a huge err in judgement since it was the first weekend of the month, Saturday at noon, the day before superbowl...CROWDED as heck.

So, by the time we got back to the car, my nerves were pretty shot. The two of them got in the back seat and instantly started arguing. My daughter stopped them and said have to tell me ONE THING you like about each other.

DD2: DS, tell me one thing you like about her...
DD2: No, you have to say something. One thing
DS: Mom, I cant think of ANYTHING
DD2: OK GD, what do you like about DS:
GD: Ok....I like that I moved away from him so I dont have to see him...


Lunch today is using up the last of the black bean and chicken soup that I didnt freeze...yummers. And soon, let the game begin!!!

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