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February 7th, 2012 at 02:17 am

As promised, DD2 repaid us today when she got her tax return. She had borrowed $2k for a couch and to have some dental work done...I put the entire amount towards debt repayment!

DD2 also paid every bill she had and put some into a savings account for emergencies. She has always been fairly frugal so I encouraged her to just stick the extra she had received away for a rainy day.

Today was a no spend day. I took breakfast (toast/coffee) and lunch (turkey sandwich) to work and then made lemon-rosemary chicken/potato and broccoli for dinner. Meals for the day = $5.70, plus I will have left over chicken for lunch tomorrow.

I still have not heard about my merit raise. My boss has to get approval from the CEO, who is on a extended (3 week) vacation. He comes back next I hope to hear then. My annual increase (5.25%) will be on the paycheck I get Friday- Then, at the end of the month we find out what our rewards check will be. (If we hit certain predetermined goals, we are eligible for a bonus after the first of the year.) We hit almost all of the goals last year, so I am anxious to learn how much the reward check will be. Last year, I saved all gift and bonus money and have that tucked away in my ING account. I have done the same with the safety, loyalty and thank you gifts I received during December and will add the rewards $ to it when I receive it. Smile

I feel like we are truly on the way to financial soundness!

Big Grin

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  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Good for your DD! It sounds like she's learned from someone with a level head on their shoulders. Big Grin

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