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Work Potluck

February 14th, 2012 at 05:06 am

Today was a no-spender. We had a potluck at work with our new team, so lunch was potluck food. I always love the variety...and seeing what others bring. It was mexi themed, so I brought a 7 layer dip with chips. One co-worker brought a spinach-artichoke cheese dip. It was so yummy! There was shrimp cocktail, tacos, deviled eggs, veggies and dip, cake and sodas. An interesting mix. But it is always fun to join in a collaboration like this. And, we have lots of left overs for tomorrow too.

My SIL sent me a text invite for dinner tomorrow at their house. This is a first..and I thought it was really sweet...but my daughter told me tonight he is making chicken picatta (my favorite) because he knows the hub is in Alaska this year for Valentines about brownie points!!..Its looking like tomorrow will be a no-spender too!!

Wed, I will have dinner at work (free) because I have to make a presentation at the board meeting and they provide dinner at the meeting.

So, that just leaves dinner Thurs...and I have a chicken in the fridge thawing to cook up in the crockpot...

So dinners are all planned for the week until we leave for Sacramento on Friday.

Can I make it to Friday with no spending?? Thats my plan...we shall see!!

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