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Tough Week

March 14th, 2012 at 07:58 pm

First, thank you everyone for your kind words on my last couple of posts. I really appreciate you!

I am excited about the prospect of meeting fellow bloggers this summer in California...we should get some dates picked and I love the Giardelli idea in San Fran...but Napa sounds equally great too!! I am open to what works for everyone else.

I learned yesterday that a young lady who grew up with my kids lost her husband last week. (I have blogged about her mom, my friend, who has been battling breast cancer this year)... He was only 28. They have two small boys. It looks like it was a medical issue that started suddenly and ended his life even quicker. They do not know all of the details yet...except that he had started having stomach pains earlier in the week and the medical center (Loma Linda) had not diagnosed it yet when he died...sadly he died alone in his truck in a fairly remote area with no opportunity to say goodbye to his family.

I have no words for the sadness this brings.


Makes most everything else insignificant right now.

Somewhat on topic, I did plan meals this week so I have had two no spend days in a row. Last night DD3 came over for chicken piccata - it was really yummy- and I had everything we needed except an onion, which she picked up for us. Tonight I am having dinner at an awards banquet, so it is no cost to me. Nothing planned the rest of the week.

There has been a little frustration in finalizing the former houseguest's departure. She has called to say she is coming by to pick up her things, then doesnt show. But then gets upset when I cant (wont) change my plans to fit her schedule....So I have asked her to come by tomorrow (Thurs) night after work to get everything...if she does not, I will be moving it outside and subsequently setting it out on trash day. I hate being this way, but I also hate being taken advantage of.

And so post 1000 comes to a close...wish it could have been more upbeat, but life doesnt always follow our desires...does it... Frown

7 Responses to “Tough Week”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    So sad about the sudden death of this young man. I can't imagine. ((hugs))

  2. laura Says:

    May the Lord be with his young family during this time. How sad. A good reminder to love those we love a little bit better and more intentionally today.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    So sorry to hear about his sudden death. Prayers with the family right now.

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    That's really sad. I hope the young wife had a life insurance policy on the husband so she won't have to worry about the financials while she is grieving. I can't even imagine how I would have coped emotionally at 28 with something like that. Or now even.

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Frown Such a sad thing to happen. I'll keep his family in my prayers.

  6. Monkey Mama Says:

    I am free any day time or place (within driving distance). Ghiradelli is harder to get to, but I suppose I will survive. Wink As a local, maybe I can gather together some ideas. If you will have a car - I love the sutro baths in San Fran - and there is a really nice cafe over there with a view of the ocean. {It's my fave - not so crowded}. Over in the vicinity of Ghiradelli is the antique penny arcade - which is great! If we are meeting in July, I admit meeting in the city would be most pleasant. It will likely be 70 degrees there versus 110 in Sac. Anything in the Bay Area will be far more pleasant than anything more inland.

    As to the sudden passing, that is terrible. Unfortunately the vast majority of people at that age do not have any arrangements made. It's terrible regardless, but I have the feeling they will be in for some hard times, on many levels. Frown

  7. Swimgirl Says:

    Very sad news, Ray. Thinking of you and the family. What a tragedy.

    Let me know the time and the place! Ghirardelli Square is a classic, but the sutro baths area is a fun spot, too. I'm up for anything! How fun! Since MM and I are very close, let us know what dates work for those of you who are traveling much farther! I'll make it work!

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