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Quick meal tonight

March 20th, 2012 at 04:20 am

The lil foster guy is doing much better. I know antibiotics are sometimes overused...but this is one case where they were VERY valuable. He looked MUCH better today. He turned one in January..he still isnt walking, but he has learned to stand on his own. His hip is not aligned correctly, probably from those first few months before foster care that he lived in his car seat...He is an adorable lil boy.

DD3 stopped by after I got off work. Last night I made a batch of rosemary & lemon chicken for meals this week. She was amazed at how quickly a meal comes together when the main course is ready to pop in the microwave. We had baked potatoes and broccoli with the chicken. Took about 10 min total to prepare and for about $3 we had a great, quick meal!

I am so excited about meeting up with those of you who can make it. I sent Boomeyers another message about her dates...hopefully we can firm things up a little soon!!

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