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The life of Slope work

May 9th, 2012 at 12:10 am

The hub called today to tell me that they need him to work 3-4 extra days before coming home. Thankfully, they are paying for changing the ticket home, which will amount to several hundred dollars. It is the end of ice road season, so they are getting all of the equipment serviced and stored away for the season...and it is taking longer than planned. This will be a nice boost to the paycheck, so the hub was more than willing.

This will be a sporadic and quick rotation home, since, in addition to those 3-4 days shaved off, he will be in training for 5 days of it.

Unlike Ima Saver, it got warm enough here today that I chose to turn the air on for a bit to cool the house down tonight. It was over 90 here today, so the house was way to warm when I got home.

Not much else is going on tonight. Just aquiet night.

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