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New Steamer...clean floors!!

June 10th, 2012 at 02:31 am

This weekend I am home alone. The hub is in Alaska..and the kids have been in and out to visit, but no one has stayed. So, I am taking advantage of the quiet.

Earlier, I cooked a batch of pasta and tossed it with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, capers and italian dressing. I made a big batch so there would be plenty of leftovers. I might pick up some salami to toss into it tomorrow...but it is actually very good as is. THis was lunch and dinner today...and I will have plenty for a few more meals.

I just finished scrubbing the kitchen floor. I got a floor steamer on sale ($79) and it cleans using only water/steam..which I like. It cleans quick and easy- so a good purchase for me. Normally, I mop with hot soapy water, rinse and dry....takes forever. This did a better job in a fraction of the time and not near the effort. The older I get, the more my back complained.....Why did I hold out so long on doing this???

I have a 30% off coupon at Kohls and they have the nice 'camp' shirts that the hub wears once in a while. Normally $49 on sale for $23 plus an extra 30% I will go pick 2-3 up for him tomorrow. The last time we bought him any was before we went to Puerta Vallarta in, its time. Smile

Next weekend I am heading down to Sacramento to pick up my grandbabies. They will spend a week up here with gramma Ray. Their mom and dad (my son and DIL), are going to Vegas for their wedding anniversary. This is is their 7 year anniversary and they havent done a trip since they got married, so I am happy to help so they can go.

DD1 and her hub are making me dinner tomorrow night (belated birthday)..chicken picatta. I am really looking forward to it. When the hub is gone, I tend to eat light and I appreciate an opportunity for a nice meal!! And Chicken picatta is my fav!! I think I will take my old ipod over and have my SIL load some music onto it for me. I used to have some on it, but it got erased over a year ago and has just sat since. He is a DJ, so he has a huge collection to pull from. Hopefully, he will be willing to do it. I would love to use the ipod again. The ipod was purchased by my job to listen to books on...and is no longer used at it was free to me. Smile Might as well use it!!

Last week, we had fed examiners in at my job. Fairly stressful week...and they are back this next week. So far, everything has gone great...I hope next week is more of the same. I will be ready for the weekned next Friday!!

Life is good. Smile

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