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June 21st, 2012 at 03:28 am

After a night with FIVE grandbabies last night, I am home alone tonight. Wowza. I am too old to work a long, stressful day, come home to 5 kiddos (8, 4,3,2,1) and then get up and go to work again the next morning...I totally get why we have our babies young. Big Grin

I had my mid year eval this week. This is the first by my new boss. The news was good - things are going above expectations in all areas..even exceptional in a few. They have really had to ponder my request to be moved to mid-point on the salary scale..but after 6 months of observation, she is willing to go to bat for me. If it is approved, this will be an awesome increase for me. I wont know for a few weeks, but I am more hopeful now than ever. It is always nice to hear you are doing a good job though.

I am focusing on paying for the Alaska trip without dipping into savings. I have shaved everywhere I can on the budget, and it looks like we will be successful on this goal. However, between now and August, we have to watch extra spending. The trip itself is paid for. Because of our mileage plan, my flight was only $10. I just want to make sure to save enough for fun and food.

I am really looking forward to planning the San Fran meetup next month. DD3 and I will head out...and spend the night with my son and DIL...then leave Friday morning, swing by and pick up Laura (FrugalTexan) and meetup with some SA friends in San Fran...have a blast...then maybe head over to San Jose to visit the Winchester House..heading back we will drop Laura back off... and then head home...This trip might require a little dip into savings..but it is something I really want to do. DD3 is looking forward to it too.

Tomorrow is my Friday. Tomorrow night the hub gets home (midnight)and on Friday, we are taking my Sacramento grandbabies and spending the day enjoying them. Sadly, they go back home on Sat. I have really enjoyed having them here. They are so precious.

I feel so blessed. Life, is very very good!

3 Responses to “The happenings...”

  1. Shiela Says:

    oh how exciting meeting up with other SA bloggers!

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    Looking forward to it. Big Grin

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Can hardly wait Smile
    Congrats on a good eval!

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