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Wrapping up a busy, blessed week.

June 24th, 2012 at 01:01 am

The hub is safely home and the kids are wrapping up a fun week with us. I am so blessed.

The hub has his days and nights completely mixed up. He woke up at 3 this morning and went to the gym and then did some grocery shopping. Now he is asleep. The grandbabies are snacking on watermelon while I heat dinner (some chicken nuggets, mini-corn-dogs and veggies. I have loved having them here, but the hub is ready for a quiet house tomorrow. That is bittersweet to me. But I will see them again next month when we head down for the SA Meetup.

The hub and I did get out a little while this afternoon by ourselves. Dd3 came over to see the we went to grab a quiet bite to eat. We discussed finances. While he is working 3/3 (three weeks on/three weeks off) we need to cut his monthly allowance back a little. He is fine with that. The 4/2 allowance is $300 more...but 3/3 doesnt really allow that much extra. I was worried he wouldnt agree, but he is fine with it. He still gets money for gas, house repairs for the 2nd house, allowance and $100 towards his goal of saving $1000. Once he goes back on 4/2 we will bump him back up for added savings towards his toys (or whatever)

Once dinner is done, its bath time, book time, and then bed time. I will miss our routine and all the sweet smiles that go along with it.

Life is sweet.

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