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Happy Labor Day!

September 3rd, 2012 at 12:16 pm

Happy Labor Day!

My son and his family came by for breakfast on their way out of town. As promised, my son sprayed my yard and the big hairy monster on the back porch is no more.

I have our little foster guy who is playing and just a joy. Only issue is a green runny nose. I am keeping it wiped and using LOTS of hand sanitizer....I DO NOT WANT TO GET SICK. DD3 should be her soon to take over. I want to focus on some baking and cleaning and I do not want to take a chance by not focusing on what Z is doing while I am busy. (My kids tell me Im overprotective with the babies...I just think Im being responsible.)

I have chicken breast thawing out. Im going to bake them for dinner tonight and make enough for left overs tomorrow. My plan is still to make what I have here at the house work for meals all week and not spend anymore.

We shall see!

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